Monday, 2 February 2009

Monday moan....

I have felt a tad deflated the last twenty-four hours and think it is because of a number of factors: I had been looking forward to Saturday's trip to Sheffield for weeks and it went by so quickly and there were too many people there for me to speak to anyone other than my closest friends and I know it will be ages before I get to see them again so that has made me a bit sad. Still texted Kate and Sarah today and exchanged some nonsense so that has made me feel a little happier as I know they are always there if I ever fancy a chat and I can always "see" them online. Also got the holiday blues because am back to work today and that sucks- talk about back to reality with a bang!

To be fair, was a bit quieter today at the Hotel than it has been in recent weeks because of the snow- apparently it is the most this country has seen in 18 years which of course meant that today the whole of England came to a standstill. It took me longer than normal to get in to work but by tonight when I came home, it had all gone. We are predicted more snow tonight so hopefully I can build my first snowman of the year in the morning!

Because we are doing a £3.50 carvery deal at the mo, our main competitors have dropped their prices to £2.99 to recoup some of the trade they have lost to us! It's a dog-eat-dog world though that phrase takes on a different meaning when you visit Korea!

There are some very dodgy rumours going round the Hotel at the minute; apparently the owners son has a fair bit of money mortgaged on the Hotel and the banks are allegedly wanting some of the money back! It is alleged that he has said that if he needs to, he could close the two hotels the company owns until this economic climate passes and just survive on the profits on his on-line gambling company that he runs but if that is the case, he wouldn't need the money he has mortgaged on the hotel would he? You see how these rumours don't add up? Still its food for thought as if he did shut the hotel, we would be made redundant and, as I have only been there a couple of years this time around ( I have worked at the same hotel four times in my 17 year career as a chef!) , I wouldn't get any money! It would be the third time I had been made redundant and the third time I didn't get any money because of the shortage of time working somewhere!

Personally I think it is all smoke in the wind but we will see.....sometimes these rumours can come back around to bite you in le derriere!

On a more positive note, I am doing a 12-10 shift tomorrow so if it does snow, will be able to build a snowman!! Fingers crossed..... Sparky xxxx

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