Friday, 23 October 2009

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo......

Just a short update to let you all know that I haven't yet given up on my Blog. This despite the fact that many of the others I follow have temporarily fallen by the wayside. I guess everyone else is just too busy at mo actually living their lives rather than writing about them but thats no bad thing I suppose.

Work is still shit and there is a lot of politics etc flying around as well as generous doses of paranoia and caution but we are almost back up to strength in the kitchen with two new chefs; David and Bon Jovi Roy. I call him Bon Jovi Roy both because his name is Roy (not Earl) and he is a Bon Jovi obsessive. Now I like Bon Jovi but not too the extent of this guy! Still we have similar tastes in films, music etc so looks like we are going to get on pretty well. The other chef, David Fox, seems okay as well so thats all good!

Yesterday we went to Colchester zoo (pics to follow) with Mrs.Sparky's best friend Bex, her husband Sean, their two boys and Bex mum and dad. Almost the same crowd we went to LegoLand with. It was a good day out and lots of fun and was a real shame when we had to come home. As usual the worst part of it all was the journey ~ though it took the same time approx to get home as it did to get there, I was driving on way home and it always seems to take longer when it starts to get dark! Emilie was made up and didn't stop smiling all day and took a real shine to Bex ~ constantly wanting to hold her hand! It will be good when we move back to Norwich next year and are closer to them all!

As always, leaving in the morning to get there yesterday was the usual circus it always ends up being! Mrs.Sparky always says we will leave by such and such a time but always takes longer in the bathroom than she intends to. I say "I thought we were leaving by such and such a time" so she always says "yes, but I told you that so that we could leave at so and so a time instead because you are never ready when I want you to be." She then proceeds to moan that I am not ready and haven't got my shoes on yet! To which I normally reply "Well, there was no point in my getting ready as I didn't know how long you were going to be." I then have to rush around, getting myself ready and we end up leaving later not just than when we said we would but also than the time Mrs.Sparky had intended which was twenty minutes later than what she originally said! Yesterday, we had an added complication because Mrs.Sparky didn't want to use the SATNAV with its annoying female voice so had printed off directions that didn't seem to make any sense and didn't seem to start from our house. I was then blamed even though she was driving and should've familiarised herself with where we had to go before we set off because I was supposed to be the navigator. I had an idea how to get to Colchester from ours but was so busy trying to sort out the directions that I am sure we ended up on the correct road via the long way round! Still we got there in the end and thats all that matters even if we did miss one turning because we were both too busy talking and had to cut back on ourselves. Its a good job we never have to go on an Artic expedition!! We'd probably end up in the Antartic instead....

And that would probably be my fault too!

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