Friday, 22 January 2010

Ooopsy daisy...I did it again....

Sometimes I do think I am a very bad the last few days, one of the receptionists at work (whom we all call Posh Robot for reasons I will not go into here, they being so trivial as to not warrant mention) has been given the old heave-ho; the boot; the sack. Has, in fact, essentially had her working career at The Hotel terminated with pretty extreme prejudice. Now I played no part in her removal from the system (before anyone even thinks of pointing the finger anywhere near my general direction) but I did kind of gloat about it on Facebook in my Status. And that is why, folks, I am a very bad man.....

To be fair, in these or any other times, no one really deserves to get the boot and I am perfectly sure she was a nice enough person deep down inside but the crux of the matter, the thing of it is..... she REALLY got on my swede! Annoying is not a good enough adjective to describe just how frustrating the woman was ~ mainly because, in point of fact, she was very shit at her job. She just couldn't cope, constantly got all flustered and had a very negative impact on me whenever she made the mistake of entering my presence simply because she had the ability to wind me up without even starting to speak to me! There are two people I really could not bear or stand to be around at The Hotel and she was the other one; the first being a potwasher known colloquially as Crazy Dave or CJD for reasons that are apparent within approximately five seconds of you meeting him. Trust me, this is not a guy you want within 500 miles of either your kids or anyone elses for that matter! If I could just get rid of him as well, then my working enviroment would have the potential to be a much happier place.

I am not saddened by the passing of she who was Posh Robot and will not miss her presence in the slightest but do consider that putting as my FB Status: "R.I.P Posh Robot; you may not be dead but you are gone and soon hopefully will be forgotten!" was maybe, just a little bit, unnessecarily cruel and indeed harsh. But it was funny and it did get a lot of comments and, after all, life isn't fair so if she did happen to see it and read it...well, the sooner she learns that lesson the better.

This is not an apology, I might add, but more in way of a confession. I am not a Catholic and share few (if any) of their views but wonder if perhaps there might be some simple penance I could make in way of things for sure, my comments on FB obviously do not sit well with my New Year's Resolution ~ to try and be more tolerant and nicer to others ~ of whom I had both Posh Robot and CJD in mind when I made it. Still what importance do New Year's Resolutions exactly hold anymore anyway...?

At least I didn't promise to change in any significant way (theres no chance of that happening any time between now and The Day Of Judgement); my Resolution was meant merely as a means of adjusting my existing personality, tweaking it if you will, to try and make me a slightly better person. But am I so bad? I may be a tad naughty at times but I will always be Sparkymarky at heart and nothing I do or say is meant with any venom.

It's just that certain people annoy me and if theres one thing I am short of, it is patience with incompetents! I am not known for suffering fools gladly and that is something that is never going to matter how many Resolutions I make.

And yes, before you say it, I do know that none of us are's just that as a human race, we are by our very nature judgemental. And thats why some of us will never get along despite any best intentions.....

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