Monday, 22 February 2010

We're the fairies from hell and we're all on a death wish!

Well, what an eventful evening!

Remember the penquin at work whom I was going to ignore? Well, things got off to a good start on Friday night when I successfully managed to avoid talking to her all shift except for when it was work related and there was already evidence of how attention-seeking she is when she began to whine at me for totally ignoring her. Anyway, she was not in at the weekend because she was ill but she was in again tonight and I started things off by asking if she was now feeling better? Okay, not strictly work-related per se but I was being polite and had begun to consider if maybe I was being a bit harsh and should give her a break. I had even wondered if I was wrong to delete her from my FB friends. After all, who am I to be judgemental? There could be lots of personal reasons why she is so aggressive in nature and surely I could just not banter with her but still talk to her?

Anyway tonight when I decided frack it, I would stand by my decision she began to get mouthy again calling me a prick and a wanker for ignoring her. She also decided this ostraciazation constituted a challenge and told me I had "pulled the short straw because just because I wasn't talking to her, she could still talk and bug the shit out of me!" A fellow penquin then demonstrated how she could get me to talk to her by giving me a hug, at which point the person I was ignoring began poking and prodding me about. Whilst I was attempting to chop cabbage, I should mention, so I had a knife in my hand. Anyway, I basically grabbed this person by the arm and told her "You really don't want to be messing me about; I mean it, I'm being DO NOT want to be messing me about!" I'm thinking she might have gotten the message!

Either because she saw in my eyes that I was seriously close to losing my patience with her or because I was gripping her hard enough to hurt, (unintentionally I might add) she let me go and quickly backed the frack off! Her friend later told me that I had left a mark on her arm, to which I explained that if she had not messed me about then she would not have got hurt. I didn't want things to end this way but if people will not get the hint then they need to be told! I have explained I have personal space issues and don't want these 17 year old waitresses throwing their arms all about me (and maybe most blokes are thinking at this point are you nuts but I am old enough to be all of their dads and those silly little girls really can get annoying when you are around them all the time!), but I guess sometimes you have to unleash The Dark Side if you want to get your message across!

Anyway, this paticular penquin did not talk to me for the rest of the shift and whilst this meant there was a bit of a frosty atmosphere whenever she walked through the kitchen, ultimately it felt as though the ends really do sometimes justify the means. Why did I not just explain why I was ignoring her? I'll tell ya why, because it would not have just been that ~ a simle explanation. She would have argued her corner that I was the one being aggressive, that I was the protagonist and the end result would have been the very confrontation I am tired of having and wish to avoid!

What do they say about letting sleeping dogs lie? Sometimes a dog has to bite before people learn to leave him the frack alone. And tonight, this dog's bite was much worse than his bark. But a silly little girl learnt a valuable lesson, one hopes!

If she is going to call me a prick and a wanker, then maybe I will be one if it gets her to back off and leave me alone.

Till next time..... woof woof from The Big W.....this is the rabid dog signing out until the next time he has to bite xxxx

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