Friday, 14 May 2010

Sometime in the near future.....

Well, Face book has been a bit slow uploading my Blog of late so if you are reading this via My Notes on Face book then the year is probably now 3000. Not much has changed but we live underwater. Oh and your great great great great granddaughter?....Yes, she's pretty fine!

But's been over a week since the Election fiasco and we finally now have a new government! Of course, the big news was all those people who didn't get in to vote before the booths shut at 22:00 and got turned away but I see this has mostly been forgotten about now in the press. Mind you, if you had 15 hours or so in which to vote, surely it's your own fault if you didn't get there in time? I know they say that there were big queues in some constituencies but I am sure that this was as much down to people leaving things right to the last minute as it was the "fact" being bandied around that more people turned out to vote than was expected. Hell, they had a big drive going on days before encouraging people to get off their backsides and vote, so honestly what did they expect? Like..duh! "Oh yes, we know we persuaded you to turn out to vote but like we weren't really expecting you to do so...we were just like saying y'know? We didn't mean it?" Cretins!!!!

So yeah, even though Conservatives didn't win the majority, (they got the most seats but apparently you need to get 51% to be in power and they didn't quite make that margin- yeah, I don't get it either ~ how can you get more seats than anyone else and still not win? Fracked up isn't it?) David Cameron is now our new Prime Minister after having to near enough boot a reluctant Gordon Brown out the door of No 10! But hey, good news for us Lib Dems because that lack of majority has meant that the two parties have had to join a coalition. A bit like Chamberlain and Hitler, one supposes....two opposing forces trying desperately to find middle ground. But which is which? Only time will tell.....but it is a interesting time to be living in right now, I can tell you! America has a black President, we spent almost a whole week with no official Government and now we have got a Government but it is being run by the two runners-ups because no one, in a General Election, could decide who they actually wanted to vote for!

Wouldn't it have been interesting to see what would have happened if all those people who didn't get a chance to vote actually voted? I suspect the results may have been just that little bit different....

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