Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vote None Of The Above....

So, it's Election day and I'd thought I'd have a little fun with some comedy campaign posters I have found posted on the net! You may have seen some of these already, but I found them rather amusing!! Please note, this in no way indicates who I am voting's just that Cameron's Campaign posters have great comedy value!!

Now if Party Political campaigns were more like this below, then I would be more inclined to know who to vote for! This is what we need to bring in all of those people who don't bother to go to the polls! We need to Sex things up a bit! If Politicians looked more like this first image, then loads of blokes would vote in their millions!! Yes, it's sexist; yes, it's chauvinistic but yes, we all know it's also true! But don't worry, I haven't forgotten you girls...wouldn't you be more inclined to vote for a particular Political Party if your candidate looked like the second image below...?

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