Friday, 4 June 2010

A new start...

In the last few weeks I have kind of over-indulged and slipped into naughty habits of just buying stuff that I want with little thought to consequence. Hence this month, money has gotten a little tight and I am very glad that I am getting paid on Monday!

With this in mind, I have decided that for the next month I am not going to buy anything for myself! No books, no matter how cheap, no DVDs, no sweets ~ nothing! I am going to really deprive myself. I don't need any more books, I have loads on my TBR as well as all the books I am re-reading at the moment, and if any do come out there is no rush to buy them~ I have to learn that I don't need them there and then; I can wait!

My aim is not to buy any more books unless I sell or mooch some of the vast number of books on my TBR! And not to buy any more DVDs until I have watched some of those I have bought and not even seen yet!

I am also going to try AGAIN to keep a record of everything I spend starting from Monday when I start another weeks holiday. That way I can keep a note of where all my money is going and see where I need to cut costs! I am determined to try and get my expenditure down. We may not be able to afford to move right now but maybe I can help make this seem a little bit more likely by not treating myself and only buying essentials. I have tried before to keep records unsuccessfully but always lose heart, cannot be bothered after a few weeks and always end up giving up! This time though, I am going to try again and by posting that I am doing it on here, hopefully this will help my motivation!

Anyway, I will keep you informed how I get on and try to keep you updated with my progress. Until next time.....ciao peoples xxxx Sparky

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Katey said...

How are you getting on at being spend free?