Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I don't belieeeeeeeve it!

Can it be possible? Can it have been nearly six weeks since my last Blog post?? Sorry, I've no excuse for not being about much but it's true I have been a bit distracted lately and it is just sooo easy to forget all about this whole Blog thing when you have other things on your mind! And then of course, the longer you leave it the harder it is to get back in the swing of things!

There is so much I could choose to tell you right now....I could tell you about how I seem to be making a habit of upsetting people at work of late (three .... ahem, four so far this year); I could tell you about the two young waitresses at work who allegedly slept with a couple of the long-term residents at the Hotel (which considering their young age, was the result of much gossiping and scandal amongst the staff); I could tell you about H.C who has returned to work this week after a knee operation following two operations earlier this year to remove cataracts; or I could tell you about my determination that, now me and Mrs.Sparky can't afford to move like we planned, there is nothing to stop me keeping my eyes out for another potentially with better hours so I can spend more time with my family! I could even tell you about my friend, Samantha who has just had a little baby girl called Lola Grace in the last few days and whom me and Mrs.Sparky are going to visit tomorrow. Unfortunately, I cannot really be bothered so you are going to have to fill in your own details for now.....

Have been reading lots of books of late, too many to mention, but some of those that I have picked up include.... Drood by Dan Simmons (engaging and entertaining period tale about Dickens' final years that ends rather unsatisfyingly), UFO In Her Eyes (a strangely disappointing book, set in a China of the very near future, all about how a close encounter with a flying saucer affects not just a simple  peasant girl but all her fellow villagers as well), Red Azalea by Anchee Min (a slightly lacklustre biography all about the author's first sexual experiences whilst living under the reign of Chairman Mao in the midst of the Cultural Revoloution that was no match for the vivid imagery of the far superior, Wild Swans) and Gail Porter's autobiography which is an okay read but not as good as I thought it might be with only scant mention in the closing chapters of her experiences with Alapecia.

Will be back soon (I promise this time!), but for now I've gotta go.....y'know what they say... the devil makes work for idle hands and all that!

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