Friday, 6 August 2010

Reach for the sky!

At the minute, Emilie has this obsession with Toy Story and watches each of the first two films at least once a day so last week we took her to the cinema to see Toy Story 3! It was her first cinema experience and I think she loved it though she was a bit restless and kept getting up and moving around and didn't want to sit on a seat on her own as, in the Dereham cinema, they still have those seats that flip back up! Yes, no modern cinema for us Dereham folk ~ they even still tear off the ticket stub which was something Mrs.Sparky had never seen before showing the difference between our generations! It was actually quite nostalgic for me and certainly made the whole experience more personal. And yes, Toy Story 3 is AMAZING and easily the most emotional of the trilogy. Andy is going to college so there are lots of heart-wrenching moments as he prepares to give up the toys he has grown up and played with all these years, leaving Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang facing an uncertain future!

Work at the minute is becoming a right drag! I find myself very low on tolerance at mo and very close to losing my temper quite a bit at the minute! I do not know why but it all feels pretty shitty right now and I am really not enjoying it at all. I know it will pass and that this is just a phase I go through every so often but that doesn't make it any easier!

Tuesday when I mentioned I was looking forward to Daddy Day on Wednesday, my one day with Emilie all to my own whilst Mrs.Sparky is at work, one of the girls who is also a mum said "And you're looking forward to that?" I think she finds being a mum a bit of a strain and harder work than she thought it would be but I was like "Hell yeah!" That is the only time, apart from holidays, when Emilie is all mine to myself and I love those days to bits and cherish every moment of them!! Emilie is my little girl and I love her to bits and would not change the days I get her to myself for the world!!!!

Finally, I just wanted to add another couple of books to my 1001 list. Firstly the kids book, (17) Lost And Found by Oliver Jeffers. It is the tale of a young boy who wakes up to find a penquin on his door and becomes determined to help him find his way home but when he gets to the North Pole, he discovers that the penquin was not lost, he was just lonely! It is a lovely illustrated book that is very simple but magical nonetheless! Emilie loves it, though it is out of favour at bedtime at mo, and loves to sit there reading it and looking at the pictures! There is also an animated movie narrated by Jim Broadbent but, whilst this is still good, it loses a tiny bit of the magic of the booK. It is easily the best of all the books we read at bedtime and that is why it makes the list!

The next entry is (18) The Grail Quest books by Bernard Cornwell about an English archer called Thomas of Hookton who sets off to fight the French when he discovers his father was once the guardian of an ancient secret, the location of The Holy Grail, and that foreig mercenaries working for the French are determined to lay their hands on the treasure. It is a gripping historical tale full of medieval blood and gore and highly detailed battle scenes based on real historical events. Though the story itself is fictional, the real backdrop of the action makes this trilogy a compelling read and these are easily the best novels of Cornwell's I have read; far better than the Sharpe novels that, whilst good, are no match for these!

Right that's about it right now...till next time.....

TO INFINITY.....AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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