Monday, 25 October 2010

When I get angry and I get pissed.....I sit myself down and write a list...and you've made my Shitlist!!

Grrrr......every time I try to make a concerted effort to spend more time on this Blog and give it more of my attention, things always seem to get in the way and I end up neglecting it all over again! Anyway, am going to try and be a bit more regular (o'er missus!) from this day on but am also going to stop worrying about it if I don't manage to keep to my promise. After all, this is my Blog and I shouldn't feel guilty about whether or not I keep it updated; it's up to me what I write and when I choose to write it!

Isn't it funny how the actions of just one person can really frack you off? There's this D.M (Duty Manager) at work whom we will call BH who has been there for a while. She is abrasive, constantly narky and walks round with a bag of potatoes on her shoulder as opposed to just a chip. With one comment, she can somehow manage to piss everybody off and get their backs up without even trying but goes around thinking everybody loves her. Well...Newsflash....Everybody thinks you are a fracking bitch and if any woman deserved a slap, it would be you!

I try not to HATE anybody as HATE is a very strong, powerful and negative emotion but some people just beg to be despised. Which is why, tonight, I have belatedly added BH's name to my Shit list; so called after the song by the group L7!

This list so far comprises of only three people: Penguin Zero, whom I infamously had a run-in with some time ago as readers of this Blog may remember; Creepy Crazy Dave, our freaky Kitchen Porter who has earned himself the moniker Captain Slow of late because he is so useless and is one hell of a nutcase who really has more than just a few spanners loose in his toolbox: and now BH, a stupid little bitch who now works part-time since the birth of her little boy and really can't seem to be able to take the pressure of working at The Hotel any more meaning that she storms about throwing her attitude around like a squat, obese Storm-trooper managing only to leave a trail of equally fracked-off people in her wake!

It's not just me either; Bon Jovi Roy has a similar reaction to her that I do, if not magnified ever so slightly. It is just one more way in which me and him are alike and another reason why we get on so well!

Until a hopefully-much-happier next time......Au Revior Mon Amis

Sparky xxxxxx

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