Friday, 28 January 2011

Additions to 1001 Books and authors for January....

Next up on my list of 1001 authors and books you really need to read is (23) Mission by Patrick Tilley! It is an odd read but a highly engrossing one all about a Jewish Lawyer dating a nurse who comes into the E.R one night to pick her up and finds her treating the body of a bearded male with severe injuries to his feet and hands and a spear wound in his side. This patient is Jesus Christ, not an imitation of the Messiah or a reincarnated impersonator but the real Jesus and he has thrust himself forward in time to bring a message to humanity and spread The Word. And he has chosen these two perfectly normal individuals to do it!

The book is very well written offering an alternative version to events in Bethlehem and beyond to those we might be familiar with. The concept is basically that Jesus and the Angels are extra-terrestial in nature and involved in an Intergalactic conflict that has gone on for Millenia and though this might sound controversial and blasphemous, it is actually handled very subtly and well. 

It is the best book Tilley ever wrote and a real masterpiece that is genuinely worth picking up! Don't be put off by the subject matter even if you believe and have faith because it is a book that really makes you think and has a nice, 
clever twist at the end that ties up all the loose ends that appear through the narrative. I really cannot reccommend this enough ~ it is an awesome, awesome life-changing book!

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