Friday, 10 June 2011


Sometimes we don't always appreciate our parents. This week, I had cause once again to appreciate mine.

Tuesday night is my weekly shopping night. Wednesdays are the start of my two and a half days off and I cannot be doing with going with Emilie so I go late after work, around half past ten.

This week as I got out the car, my alarm was bleeping to tell me something was amiss. I figured it was just the indicator, which doesn't always click off when I turn into a parking space, so flicked that up, shut the door and flashed the central locking. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I did not hear the alarm still bleeping and so went off to do my shopping; unaware I had left my lights on!

When I returned, you can guess what had happened! Yes....flat battery! I do have jumper cables but, at that time of night, there was very few people about. And I knew if I phoned my Breakdown people, (not the AA but a cheaper company), they could take ages to come out as I would probably be classed as a low priority!

Luckily, my parents live only about ten miles or so from the Supermarket I use on my way home so I decided to give them a call to see if they would mind just popping out to bail me out. I DID point out that they were under no obligation but still they agreed and came to my rescue! We had a few problems in the dim light of the parking lot because on the battery of a Corsa, you don't get a red and black wire but a brown and red but fortunately there was an AA van parked just up the ways and he shined his headlights on my car so we could better see what was what. Oh....and my jumper cables were too short because Dad's battery is at the front of the engine and mine is at the back so we had to use Dad's cables to start me up!What's more ~ I tried to offer them a fiver for coming out so late and helping me but they wouldn't even hear of it!

Anyway, the long and short of this post is that we don't always appreciate our parents and can be guilty occasionally of taking them for granted! I just wanted to say sometime in the next few days, take a moment and think about all the ways your parents might have bailed you out or given you assistance in a time of need and take time out to show you appreciate them! They won't be around forever and you will miss their guiding hand when they are gone so make sure you treasure them while they are still here!

And if you are a parent, like me, think about that the next time your little one drives you mad, gets you exasperated or makes you want to scream! Just think ~ there were plenty of moments when you too were like that growing up and your parents are still always there for you now!

Maybe if we were all a bit more appreciative of each other, there would be less hate in this world!

And that's Sparky's thought for the day!

Ciao xxxxx 

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booketta said...

What a lovely post! So true. We have lost both sets of parents and miss them still, not for bailing us out but for being the wonderful folk they were. Indeed, there are times when the kids drive you wild but I never begrudge helping them when they need it, I appreciate how lucky I am to have them.