Friday, 28 October 2011

Kindle Korner Kontinues......

Well, I am afraid to say that The End Of The World ended up being more than just a little bit disappointing! Not only was the climax of the story a bit obvious but I got the feeling ultimately that the whole thing was just being odd simply for the sake of being odd as the story never really ended up going anywhere in the end! A shame...because to start with, it looked like it had potential!

Thankfully, the next book on my Kindle (another freebie) more than makes up for what End Of The World lacked! The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Unraveling (Book 1 of 3)  By Christopher Hunter is so good it makes number (66) on my 1001 Books And Authors You Need To Read Before You Die list!! Martin Jacobs wakes up one morning in the not-too-distant-future only to find his whole world turned upside down! A man-made virus has begun sweeping the planet separating everybody into one of two groups: those who are immune and going to survive and those who are going to die!

Jacobs' girlfriend goes into a complete breakdown when she learns that all her family have been condemned to an early grave forcing Martin to go on without her. As society breaks down, he joins a local Militia struggling to keep control and keep the streets clear of bodies but then they learn of a group of scientists holed up in a Campus building who may well have been responsible for the release of the virus in the first place! Martin has his reservations but even he cannot predict what will happen next.....the ramifications of which will greatly affect what is left of the world!

This book reads very much like Stephen King's The Stand but on a much less epic scale! There are no big battles between the forces of Good and Evil, no clear cut division of black and white merely more and more shades of grey and what we are left with is King's masterpeice stripped to its barest bones giving this paticular novel its own clear identity! It is a gripping read, highly addictive and only the beginning of a forthcoming trilogy of novels, the second of which is currently available from Amazon! Have no doubt, as soon as I get paid I will be buying the next book in the series as this was something I REALLY could not put down! I loved its style, adored its fresh approach to a familiar theme and think the story shows lots of potential for expansion over the next two novels! Where things are going to go next, I could not even hope to predict and that just makes this story and its characters even more exciting! I cannot wait to see where Christopher Hunter is about to take us next!

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