Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm back! (At your inconvenience!)

Well, finally I have managed to get around to writing in here again after an (extended) xmas hiatus that I'm sorry has lasted far longer this year than in previous years. Some of those amongst you still reading this must have of thought I had abandoned you ~ no such luck fuckers! No excuses, I'm afraid, just that I'm lazy and haven't really felt bothered to write again. Problem is, as I might have said before ~ I honestly don't remember, I get out of the habit over the busy xmas period and then just find it hard to get back on the horse again....

The more observant of you will have noticed I have edited the layout of this Blog slightly to incorporate my personal 1001 books and authors to read before you die list ~ this is to alleviate the need to keep publishing updates as each new book will now simply be added to the list on my right after I have discussed it here first. You might also notice that the number of books/authors on the list has decreased. This is not due to anything or anyone being taken off but merely due to me editing how books appear on the list. Therefore all Robin Hobb's books are now collected on the list inntheir various trilogies and I have grouped stuff like John Connolly's Charlie Parker novels together etc....

I know, I know ~ I keep fiddling with it but this is now the definitive version of my list and I will not fiddle with it any more I promise. Once something is added to the list on the right, then it is now going to stay there regardless of any sudden impulses of mine to mess about with it any more!

The eagle-eyed amongst you might also notice there are a few new books on there. These include: the dishonoured dead by robert swartford~ an alternative zombie novel which deals with a future in which the usual conventions are reversed and we, the living, have become the hunted. The zombies all eat, have children and have created a society for themselves based around our former civilisation but have banned all forms of expressionism such as writing and art as they consider them to be the contributing factors that made us weak. But there are those who believe the living have rights too and have begun conducting acts of terrorism in a bid to bring forth a society where Zombies and humans can live alongside one another. 

This is a great Kindle book that really attempts and achieves something different with the genre and is innovative for the fact that it is, as far as I know, totally unique in its perspective. It has a few flaws and a few inconsisticies but these can be forgiven by the fact that this whole thing works really well like a skewed modern version of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World!

Also new to the list is The Icarus Void; the best sci-fi novel I have read this year and my favourite book this year overall. The Icarus is a revolutionary new Spacecraft, travelling closer to the Sun than any other ship before it, on a Research mission to investigate the dying star's atmosphere and examine the solar radiation it produces. When the crew discover an alien artifact already in orbit around the Sun, certain members of the Science team become obsessed with getting the artifact onboard before it can be lost forever.....but this is just the start in a perilous and dangerous series of events that end up putting everyone in jeopardy as they work to discover the secret of the artifact. 

This book was fracking brilliant like a cross between Event Horizon, Sphere and Aliens with shades of Disney's Black Hole thrown in and Danny Boyle's Sunshine for good measure. With so much heavy influence, you would think this Kindle book could not live up to expectations but you would be wrong! This book kept me on edge for the whole time I was reading it and I literally could not put it down!

Next up is The Culled; the first of a sereies of novels set in a world devastated by a pandemic that takes out anyone who hasn't got type O blood. The main character is a survivor, holed up in an old Secret Service office block where he once worked, who recieves a signal using codes he recognises sending him half-way across the world in pursuit. A bit pulp sci-fi but, like Deathlands, is an awesome, awesome tale that really keeps you hooked!

Next up is George.R.R.Martin's Song Of Ice And Fire; a fantasy series set in a world beset by fratricide, incest, treachery and betrayal and the series on which the recent Game Of Thrones T.V series was based. You all know how much I adore the work of Robin Hobb? Well, Martin is as good if not a little better at times. If Robin is the Quennof fantasy fiction then George.R.R.Martin is its King.....

Right that's it for now but will try and write more next few days if I don't get a chance later. I need to try and update you in what's going on in my life and add a few more titles to my 1001 List...until then, Goodbyeeeeeeeeeee!

Sparky xxx

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