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Introducing Catt Dahman......

So, recently on Goodreads I discovered a group called Apocalypse Whenever which specifically looks at and discusses post-apocalyptic fiction and there was a section of the forum there called author/reader co-op. This is where authors post asking a limited amount of people to read their work for free in exchange for a review on Amazon and Goodreads. This was how I discovered the aforementioned End Of Faith and how I have since discovered Catt Dahman. Catt has kindly sent me a selection of her fiction to try out and review if I enjoy them. And, thankfully for her, her gamble has worked out because, as it turns out, she is a pretty darn amazing writer!

As you guys know, if I don't like something I will be brutally honest about it and pass on my opinions accordingly. There are a lot of books out there and part of the mission that Bloggers like myself and fellow Blogger, Lainy (amongst others) have chosen to undertake is to read as many of them as is humanely possible so that you guys who read our Blogs get an idea of what's hot and what's not.

Anyway, back to Catt Dahman...(and if you want to learn more about her, her website is here ~ First of all, let me tell you about Time Of Grace...

"First of all, I have to say that Time Of Grace is simply amazing! Kind of a cross between Stephen King's IT and Robert McCammon's Boy's Life, the story is set initially in '50's America where a small town teenager first befriends then falls in love with the girl next door. But something is happening in the local area and when tragedy strikes, the life of the main character and his close circle of friends is irreparably changed forever....

I loved this and thought it a wonderful novel! Catt Dahman is better known for her Z Is For Zombie series but is keen to point out that she is NOT a zombie writer, just catering to the law of supply and demand. Well, I personally think Catt should write more books like this one because this was just awesome - the supernatural element that appears mid-way through the book never feels forced and gives this coming-of-age tale an extra dimension and twist that lifts it high up and above any other similar styled stories by other authors I have read.

I recommend this highly and think it is a first-rate little tale that left me wanting more. And that is always a good sign of a story, when you don't want it to end...." 

Though this didn't quite make my 1001 List, I wanted to tell you about this book because I enjoyed it so much and, to be fair, it only misses making the list by a whisper! I can't explain why some books make The List and some don't as it is a purely personal choice but I should point out that this book still comes highly recommended and got 5 stars from me on Amazon and Goodreads so that should go some way to show how much I thought of it...

Catt has also written the Z Is For Zombie series and this is my review of the first novel here : " Z is for zombie:georges terms is the first in a series of novels set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the dead have returned to feast on the living following the outbreak of a pandemic across the entire planet.

The symptoms of the disease begin with you contracting the virus, bleeding out from every orifice and then lapsing into a coma. But it doesn't end there because you then awake with the urge to feast on living flesh and tissue!

A group of survivors slowly begin to gather in the basement cafeteria of a nearby hospital that has all but been evacuated and begin their quest for survival against all the odds. But when a secondary catastrophe befalls the world outside, their greatest enemy becomes themselves!

This book is less plot driven and more character driven as the author explores the fragile balance of humanity and mankinds total inability to get along, despite the need to work together! I really loved this book and thought it a great start to the series with the introduction of some interesting characters whom I hope to encounter again -this despite the fact that subsequent novels are intended as stand-alones rather than sequels!

My only issue with this, a copy gifted to me by the author in exchange for a review, was that it could have done with a good proof-reading! I found several mistakes through the course of the text and, whilst this didn't affect my overall rating, it was at times distracting! I hope this is something the author takes note of as this has the potential to be the start of one of the best zombie series yet with just a little more attention to detail. The consequences of this not being better proof read is that it could well put people off picking this up in the first place and that would be a shame.

I gave this 4* rather than 5 because I did think it began to lose a little momentum towards the end despite a shocking and unexpected added twist that totally threw me around half-way through the plot! That said, I did really enjoy this and look forward to picking up the second volume...."

I am actually reading the second volume now and about half-way through and can honestly say it is as good as the first book if not better. Introducing elements of Stephen King's The Stand into the ongoing story, I have a strong suspicion that if this series continues the way it is going, from strength to strength up until now, then it could well be a serious contender to go on The List....we will just have to wait and see but whatever the outcome, I recommend you check this gal out because she is certainly an author to watch and deserves all the praise she can get.

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catt dahman said...

You should also have the vampyre/western's a bit creepy! ANd George's Terms is now with a professional editor and has been re-released in it's corrected form. TY for the advice and praise! Time of Grace and a new one (Alice and Friends)Are about to go to paperback form thanks to my agent and JEA publishing/