Monday, 1 October 2012

more updates to my 1001 Books And Authors To Read Before You Die List...

I told you I had lots of books to update on my 1001 List, well here's a couple more....

DEADLOCKED BY A.R.WISE ~ "There seems to be a complete surge of Zombie novels available on Kindle at the moment...and not just novels but also novellas and short stories as well. In fact some days you cannot move for Zombie tales, there are so many overloading the virtual shelves.

Whilst some are good though, others, the majority in fact, are truly awful! Thankfully Deadlocked Volume 1 is right up there with some of the best!

Telling the story of a father just diagnosed with a terminal illness, this novel, the first in a series, follows his journey as he tries to make his way home to his family just as a Zombie outbreak occurs. How this outbreak begins is part of the mystery, there are hints of some kind of terrorist action that may have started it all off but no definite answers, but what makes this novel truly great is the attention to detail and the fact that it is told in a real-world perspective. For instance, to start with no one realises that their attackers are zombies, just that people in the streets have started to go crazy. Secondly, everyone that our hero, David, encounters behaves just as you might expect them to do in such a situation! All in all, this makes for a tale that is both highly believable and ultimately quite terrifying!

I really loved this and can't wait to read the further installments that carry on the story. Volume One sets everything up perfectly and introduces us to some really well-rounded characters that the reader can't help but connect with and future volumes, I am told, not only continue the story but expand on many of the themes and ideas that we are introduced to here. Also smaller characters who appear here briefly in cameos also get more of a chance to shine! But even if you don't fancy paying for any of the other novels (this volume only is free at the moment from Amazon), then there is still plenty here to enjoy as this can be enjoyed as much as a stand-alone as it can as part of the larger series as a whole!

If you like the T.V series, The Walking Dead then you are going to absolutely love this! This is a zombie lovers wet dream; a real-life, believable zombie story that simply can't be beat! On the Kindle at least, this novel has no equal and this reviewer VERY highly recommends this for a realistic take on the traditional Zombie tale!"

THE BLACKWATER FLOOD BY ROBERT WILLIAMS ~ "Blackwater Flood is one of the best books I have read on Kindle so far and is another great example of absolutely awesome indie fiction in a sea of mediocrity.

It starts with a young boy, sheltering in his grandmothers house with his parents from a mighty storm outside that refuses to abate. The nearby river is preparing to flood its banks and it looks as though the family is going to be stuck there for some time. But it is not just the flood they have to be worried about....

Scientists at a local nearby Goverment Laboratory have been messing about with things they shouldn't and when the family take a stanger into their midst, they soon learn that the rising flood water is the least of their troubles....there is something out there in the water, several somethings in fact, and they are hungry for flesh.....

This was a very well written, extremely scary thriller that started off well and progressed swiftly throgh a journey into absolute terror. The ending was a little bit contrived but was totally unexpected and brought all the various plot strands together nicely leaving nothing unexplaned and the reader with a good sense that they knew exactly what had happened. There is nothing worse, after all, than a book that leaves you guessing at the end and scratching your head in puzzlement.

I cannot talk about this book too much because I don't want to give anything away, but this book was even good enough to go on my 1001 books and authors to read before you die list on my Blog and this is a real honour!

Overall, I can totally recommend this and can quite cateogorically state that this is one of the best horror thrillers available on Kindle right now!

More soon....

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