Saturday, 2 November 2013

Darkness comes.....

Coming soon from J.Ellington Ashton Press: 

Not worried yet about Global warming and how it is affecting the planet?? You probably should be....

As violent storms begin to erupt all across the globe and torrential rain begins to fall, one family take their boat out onto the Norfolk 
Broads to try and escape the flooding and
 widespread damage and devastation happening all around them. Large parts of the Norfolk coastline have fallen into the sea and all the local rivers and streams have burst their banks with similar occurrences  being reported all across the world. 

But as the family set sail, desperately searching for hope or some form of salvation from the storms, they quickly realise that even out amongst the rising waters, nowhere is safe!

The Dark Times are upon us, these are The End Of Days....

This is The Time Of Tides....

Yes, this is to announce that very shortly (it is currently in Edits) my debut 20K novella, Time Of Tides, is going to be released. Available singly at first and then as part of an Anthology with several other Scary Big Fish Tales, this will be my first release on its own! 

The absolutely awesome Susan Simone has done a brilliant job on my cover with a very limited brief in a remarkable period of time and I have to thank her immensely for the excellent job she has done. 

You should also check out her novels, Silent Heart and Under A Twisted Moon here: 

Both books come highly recommended from me and I have read and reviewed both of them!

More updates soon!

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