Monday, 11 November 2013

Introducing.....William Bove!

Well since my last Author Profile went LIVE more and more of our Authors have been filling out their Interview Questions as compiled by my good friend the wonderful Catt Dahman, CEO at J Ellington Ashton Press. With her permission then, I would like to present the latest of our authors to go under the spotlight.....William Bove!!!!!!

(That was your cue for spontaneous Nothing? I don't know why I bother some days...mutter, mutter, mutter)

Anyway, first here's a little introduction to this awesome Author who is another thoroughly nice chap and always very pleasant and well spoken whenever I see him in our Author Chat on Facebook:-

William Bove lives in St.Charles, Missouri and was first published by the now defunct VampLit Publishing which is no longer in
existence. From there,William then went on to have several publications in Visionary Press and can currently be found in two forthcoming anthologies; One from Scartlet River Press called "Tortured Souls Vol 2 and another called Lycanthroship published through JEA.
Also from JEA, we can expect to see the first novella in the "Once Upon A Grave" trilogy soon of which I have heard very good things indeed! 

Now for the questions...

What genre(s) do you write in and why? Gothic Erotic Horror & Gothic Erotic Romance

What is Once Upon A Grave about both on the surface and down deep? On the surface it is a horror novella about a group of vampires trying to survive during the great depression. Down deep it is about our connection to life and death and how that connection can change us. Also about all that is primal within us and the need to be strong and to survive by carving our own path.

What inspired this? A desire to show vampires as monsters.

Who is the main character?  Nichole
What was difficult about penning this? Getting it just the way I wanted it to be.

What is difficult for you as a writer? Not much really

What is the best part about being a writer? Everything

How did you begin your career? With Edgar Allan Poe

What advice do you have for new writers? Do it because you love it. Do it because it fills you.

What writer(s) inspire you and why? The Romantics, Many contemporary horror writers, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Lovecraft, Kafka, Stephen King, Poppy Z.Brite, Robert R. MCcammon, The Greeks.

What book(s) do you wish you have written? Harry Potter Series. Lol

Do you write for yourself or for readers? Mainly for myself

Do you ever use dreams/nightmares as a basis for writing? Yes quite often

What is entertaining/scary/ exciting to you? Plays and intellectual conversation, heights, and women.

What is difficult/frustrating about writing or being a writer? Being patient sometimes. He he

Have you had a strange fan experience? Nope

What have you learned from fans/reviews? That they are the most important things.

How is your writing evolving? Rather nicely

What work of yours was enjoyable to pen? Many of them. It is hard to choose just one

What 3 words describe your writing? Passionate, horrifying, descriptive.

What is a genre you will never write in and why? Western. It is just not me.

Do you like to write a series or stand alones? Why? I enjoy both because with a series you can at times give the reader more than you can with a stand alone. However with a stand alone one can make a grand impression on the reader and leaving them wanting more.

Once Upon A Grave is available now here:
and of course from the U.S site here:

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Sharon L. Higa said...

Excellent Q & A Mr. Bove! Good insight and am looking forward to reading more stories from you in the future!