Saturday, 14 February 2015

B is for.....back to work and Blachart by Christina Engela

So...B is for back to work. 

It's been pretty tough this week going back after all my adventures last week on my BOSIET, and all I want to do is get Offshore now, but I have to face the fact that it may take me a little while before I find another job so for now, I just have to grin and bear it. 

Those of you who know me though or are familiar with this Blog will know I'm not exactly known for my patience.

B is also for Blachart. 

I will talk more about Christina Engelea in next week's post which will be based around the letter C, but for now here's my review of Christina's first book in her Galaxii series, released through J.Ellington Ashton as part of our science fiction imprint, Hardwired. Is 

I have been a big fan of Christina's for a long time, so to edit for her and to welcome her into the J.E.A family is like all my Christmases come at once.

More about that next week. For now, on with my first review of her work- of which I fully expect there will be several more as we release further books in what I fully expect will prove to be a highly popular and successful series:- 

"Blachart is the debut novel from Christina Engela and the first part of an ongoing series of intelligent and well constructed sci-fi adventures set in the not too distant future in a galaxy far, far away, but actually not that far.
d'Angelo is already having a very bad day when he is picked up by Imperial Starfleet. His crew are all dead and he has been left

 floating, stranded in deep space when Starfleet hear his distress 
But his rescue does not come without a price...
Soon former Space Marine, d'Angelo, finds himself neck deep in space Pirates, after being re-recruited by Starfleet to investigate a colony that has gone 'dark'. Teamed up with his former lover and the infamous former corsair, Blachart The Bloody, d'Angelo ends up going undercover on the Pirates own homeworld, but can he complete his mission and escape with his life, or is his day about to get even worse?
Blachart has the potential to be a future, modern classic piece of sci-fi space opera and both amuses and entertains from the very first minute you turn the page. Having read many of the other books in the series already, it is great to re-read this series again from the beginning and I can only wish Christina every success, because with writing like this she really, truly deserves it!

Seriously, if you love good sci-fi, you should totally check her out!"

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