Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A witch in wolves clothing...

Anna is a half-witch who has spent her whole life trying to be accepted by a coven and fighting discrimination from amongst her peers, many of whom are fully accepted witches. She finally  gets her chance to prove herself when she is made an offer she cannot refuse - namely to go undercover in amongst a pack of werewolves so that she can help her coven plot against them - for witches and werewolves have long been enemies and as a half-witch, she is the only one who can walk among them undetected.
Unfortunately, things do not end up going exactly as planned and and soon, newly wed Anna discovers her coven have not exactly been truthful with her when her own kind begin to turn against her. 
Before long, Anna is being seen as an enemy by both sides as she strives to find the truth about her parents' death.
This is a cracking book and an easy read that has much in common with Kelley Armstrong's style of writing and is cleverly laced with lots of humour to lighten up the pace. The plot is an intriguing and engaging one and I found much in this to like - if it wasn't for some of the highly descriptive sex scenes, I'd almost say this was a Y/A read but at times, it certainly deserves an 18 rating. 
The only criticism I had was that the ending all felt a little forced and rushed. The book ends on a blatant cliff-hanger that almost feels tacked on to keep the audience reading and doesn't feel entirely like a natural progression to the story but more as though the book has ended prematurely. So much so that I found myself checking my kindle to see if there was any more to come I might've missed. 
This is not to say this isn't a good book, because it is, I just found myself feeling frustrated to discover I would have to wait to see what happens next! I'm all for cliff-hanger endings if they work, but here I just felt the climax of this particular book came a little too soon for this reviewers liking.
One thing is for certain though, Kat Gracey is certainly an author to watch and I look forward to seeing whatever she produces next - and to the next part in this ongoing series.

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