Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Cool waters...

 Cool Green Waters is the third book in the Shades of Midnight series, written by Amanda.M.Lyons - an author who has made something of a name for herself in recent years with her original and often thought-provoking short fiction.
I came into this series blind, having not read the previous instalments, but found a lot here to like and will definitely be picking up the earlier volumes to catch up on what I've missed!
Miss Lyons' take on the vampire mythos is an interesting one that comes across a bit like the illegitimate child of Ann Rice and Nancy.A.Collins. All of the vampires depicted here, although granted the gift of eternal life, still seem to be carrying their own personal issues and burdens - indicating that perhaps, just maybe, being a vampire might not be quite as glamorous as other writers make out - and this only serves to make the whole story even more realistic and believable. 
Amanda's characterisation is stronger than ever, and each of the main protagonists she introduces to us here has his or her own personality, their own problems to deal with, only some of which are resolved in this latest chapter.
The book ends on the twist of a knife, leaving the reader hanging and waiting for more.
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and found it every bit as impressive as all the rest of her writing that I have read so far. 
Why only the three stars then? 
Well, quite simply, it is because I can't give this 3 1/2 stats on Amazon, and because if you haven't read the books that come before this one, you might find yourself feeling a little bit lost at times.
Even so, I fully recommend picking this up - just remember, it's the third book in a series, not the first, and you'll be fine!

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