Wednesday, 23 March 2016

When the lights go down, the clowns come out...

I've never really understood the fear some people have of clowns. I mean, sure, there's Stephen King's Pennywise, but he wasn't even a real clown for chrissakes.
Apparently though, it IS a thing.
No, I've never really understood people's fear of least, not until I started reading this book!
Featuring some top quality up and coming authors, and one or two well established favourites too, this is about as bizarre and strange an anthology as you might expect from a series of stories about clown horror! It never fails to horrify, amuse, and often even disturb the reader as they progress throughout its many pages and the end result, it is fair to say, is something of an unsettling one.
If you always thought there was something about clowns bit couldn't quite put your finger on what exactly, then this book may provide you with some answers. What it won't provide you with however, is any closure.
Those coming into this anthology hoping to set their fears aside and their mind at rest will leave here very disappointed indeed!
From a virus that turns people into clowns, to a clownpocalypse that leaves humanity fighting to survive to tales of clowns who are just eager to get revenge for one ill conceived wrong or another, all of the stories included in this collection have something different to bring to the table and something different to offer.
Not one of them stands out, because all of them here are equally worthy of attention. Every author here manages to worm their way under your skin in one way or another!
Remember how I said at the beginning of this review how I wasn't afraid of clowns? Well, I'm still not...not exactly...but I don't think, after this, I will ever look at another clown in the same light again!

4/5 stars 

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