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31 days of Horror part 1

October 1st 2016

This year, for Halloween, I have decided to take part in 31 days of Horror  and so will be publishing a different Blog post every day to celebrate the world of horror and talk about some of my favourite books and films, along with discussing some of my own writing - which is something I don't do very often on this blog.

One of the things I intend to do is to suggest 31 different books and films for you to sit and enjoy over this Halloween period, and I'd like to begin with a book by a fellow British author who goes by the name of Iain Rob Wright.

Iain started giving away 5 of his titles recently to try and help encourage people to discover his work, a tactic I have seen several other writers employ of late, and seeing he was a fellow Brit, I decided to sign up to the offer and give him a go.

Sea sick is a a zombie novel with a difference, comes highly recommended, and is unlike any other zombie book I have ever read. 
An ex-cop heading off on a cruise to try and relax, rest and recuperate after some very trying times of late, soon finds himself facing danger when a zombie outbreak breaks out on the ship. In the midst of trying to deal with the problem, the ex-cop is killed...but the next morning he wakes up again as though nothing has happened!
As he progresses through the day, the former policeman slowly starts to realise time has started mysteriously repeating itself and that he is living through the same day all over again. 
Again he tries to stop the zombie outbreak from happening, and again he is killed, and again he finds himself waking up the next morning as though nothing has happened. 
Soon, it starts to become abundantly clear what it is that appears to be happening - somehow he has been caught up in a loop in time and unless he can find out why, it looks like he has been doomed to live out the same day over and over and over, forever and ever, for the rest of time.
Only that's not entirely true...because time is slowly running out...

This is one of the best and well written horror novels that I have ever read - hell,miss one of the best books I have ever read full stop. It is very clever, unique and offers something very different in a niche genre that can often be accused of treading the same ground and repeating itself.
If you only ever read one of Iain Rob Wright's books, I recommend you read this one!

Since reading this, I have gone on to become a big fan of Iain Rob Wrights, and other titles I have enjoyed immensely include The Final Winter about an apocalyptic snow storm; Animal Kingdom which tells the story of what happens when animals across the world all start attacking, trapping one father and his son in a zoo; 2389, about an outbreak at an amusement park on the moon, and The Picture Frame - this last of which also comes highly recommended because it links together several of his titles in a very, very clever way.

Of them all though, Sea Sick remains my favourite and so is my first book recommendation for 31 days of Horror!

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