Sunday, 13 May 2018

A very dark and twisted tale...

When I first picked this book up, I had no idea what to expect. The name, Kyle.M.Scott, had flashed across my radar a few times, but I had never actually read anything by him as far as I was aware...until now.
A Better Life is a very clever story. 
Jess is terminally ill and needs treatment, so to help fund that treatment her husband decides to abduct a little girl - the daughter of a rich and successful businessman - in order to ransom her for money.
And that's when things start to go wrong...
Emily is no ordinary little girl.
Emily has a secret.
A dark and deadly secret...
And as Jess, her husband, and their two co-conspirators are about to find out, they might well have just bitten more off than they can chew...

I was really impressed by this book and Kyle.M.Scott here has done a very good job of spinning a very chilling yarn - one practically laden with extremely dark and increasingly more disturbing overtones. All of the characters are very well imagined, and the book itself moves at a very swift pace - dragging you along right up until the highly explosive end. 
What I liked most about this book was the way that just as I thought this story was going to start getting predictable and I thought I knew what was coming, Kyle pulled the rug out from under my feet - leaving me gasping, stunned, and breathless on the floor.
If this is your first introduction to this author, like it was mine, I can practically guarantee you are bound to be impressed. Certainly this makes me want to pick up more of his work.
Kyle.M.Scott obviously has a very twisted and dark imagination, that from this book looks like is a very scary place, and you know what?

I like that, I really do.


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