Tuesday, 18 November 2008


So finally thought I'd start this Blog off properly with a few words and an introduction. I'm Mark; my on-line friends all know me as Sparkymarky which was a nickname first introduced to me by some of my old off-line friends who changed it to Narkymarky when ever I was in a bad mood. I'm 35 years old, currently working as a chef, am married and have a 14 month daughter called Emilie Ann. I came up with the name of this Blog because one of my on-line friends is called Miss Muppet and when she first started her Blog, she asked for suggestions as to what to call it. She liked my suggestion and used it so I thought I would return the favour and name my Blog after her.... hopefully she takes that as a compliment. Anything else you need to know about me, I'll tell you as I go along. Oh and if anyone reading this is on DOOYOO, then look out for my reviews under the name of Sparkymarky1973 and please rate them and I promise to return the favour....

Which brings me around nicely to the title of this post.... When I first started on MYSPACE (these days I am more likely to be found on FACEBOOK), I started a Blog and asked the question- Who actually reads these Blogs anyway? That was my first attempt at Blogging and seeing as how that post is just as relevant today as it was when I first posted it, I thought I would post it again on my new Blog!! So.......

Just thought I'd start my first ever online blog with a question.....who actually sits and reads these online blogs anyway??!!??

I know I don't normally and, personally, none of the people in my social circle will admit to reading them either so exactly who are these people who spend their time chasing down the strange,abstract often random musings of this new online generation's chaotic mind??!!??
Really, asuming that no one ever reads these blogs anyway, I could write anything-pages after pages of complete and utter rabid nonesense; perhaps something controversial like all gay people will burn in eternal damnation for their sins( I don't think thats likely though in all honesty-do you?) or perhaps something more topical like wasn't it good when we all had black people as slaves? Or wouldn't it be good if all foreigners fecked off back to their own country? (though as I'm not the supposed star of a reality T.V show or a bigot or a racist, all this would simply be a sensationalist excuse to draw attention to myself and lets be honest, I'm sure the majority of intelligent people in this modern day and age are intelligent enough to realise that underneath all of us are equal anyway and that, quite frankly, the world is big enough for all of us to survive without resorting to hatred or bloodshed surely!!)

At this stage,I would just like to make clear that I don't believe in any of the abhorrent views expressed above -I was just trying to make a point.Which, seeing as how no one ever reads these blogs, was probably wasted anyway. Which brings me back to my first question- who reads these blogs??!!?? Who are you reading this now-why are you reading this-in what way are my thoughts touching your life??!!??

Instead of reading about my life on here,now,why aren't you out there living yours?? Life is for living, life is too too mercilessly short- so make the most of it, live every day like it's your last, enjoy yourself-prepare for the future but don't let your plans interrupt your enjoyment of the now!!

Live fast, die hard, don't give up ever without a fight.....and remember tomorrow may be the last day of your life-how will you choose to be remembered??!!?? By some thoughts in a blog you wrote when you were bored- or by something memorable you once got off your fat arse and did for somebody??!!??

There are millions and millions of people on this planet, don't be a stranger.

Make your presence felt.....before it's too late. Even if it's only making that visit to your mum like you always say you'll make or just being there for a friend. Because their clock is ticking too...and theres nothing worse than realising there was so much you could have said or done and knowing now it is too late.

Hope this gives you something to think about......Sparkymarky

hmmm....well it's no Shakespere thats for sure...lol

Till the next time......laters!

(And if you are reading this, please leave me a comment, maybe give me a suggestion about what I should talk about next....you never know I might actually listen!)

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Jo said...

Oh sparkles... what an honour, you named it after me!! Hehe... Will make sure I follow it closely! xx