Saturday, 10 January 2009

Riding on the rollercoaster of Life......

Well the weeks nearly over and it's been one of ups and downs but everything seems to have gone okay in the Head Chef's absence. The owner was in the other day having a moan about all sorts of things, most of which weren't nessecary but I have come to expect that at least once when the Head Chef is on holiday. He had a point about one thing which wasn't entirely my fault and was the responsibility of the chef I was working with at the time but because I am in charge I still got it in the neck anyway. I suppose being acting Head Honcho, those are just the breaks but that one thing was the catalyst that got the ball rolling on lots of other little things that I won't go into here because I had enough of it the other day right down my lug-hole!!! Yesterday, on my half day off, I had a stinking headache that wouldn't shift and I am sure that was due to the stress from the day before......see thats the problem with my job; even in my down-time, the pressures that come as part of the package have a tendency to follow me over into my "real-life". Thank god for Xbox!!!
I'm playing this older game called Condemned: Criminal Origins at the moment and you play the part of a Detective hunting a serial killer so, as well as getting to utilise forensic equipment to find clues, you also end up stalking your prey through abandoned buildings and sewers which are home to junkies and freaks that you have to taser before smashing their skulls in with a fire axe, sledge hammer, crowbar.....basically pick your weapon from what you see lying's not very pleasent but it is a lot of fun, really scary when you play it with the lights off and strangely somewhat satisfying after a hard days work.
Fortunately this has been a week of more highs than lows. Y'know how sometimes when you mention someone, it's like you almost summon them and they turn up like the next day or something? Well, remember the colleague I mentioned in a previous post who used to say " very tense" ? Well, he found me on Facebook coincidentally enough just the other day shortly after I'd mentioned him and requested to be my friend. I accepted him and we had a little online chat but it'll be interesting to see how much we stay in touch. The really good thing that happened to me this week is that a group of my online friends from the book-swapping forum RISI are all getting together again in Sheffield at the end of the month. We did that a couple of years ago and I quite enjoyed it- especially meeting Smiler for the first time with whom I am really good pals on-line, a girl named Kate who's really nice and who now has a son who's a few months younger than Emilie and of course Ronnie who struck me as being a very warm and genuine person and actually quite funny in real-life. I think we got on pretty well when we talked so will be good to see her again. All in all I think there are about five people going whom I met before along with a load others whom I have only ever talked to on-line. I'm quite excited about it as I am taking Mrs.Sparky and Emilie along with me for the day and can't wait to show off my daughter to them all as I know they will adore her! We're meeting in the big mall there called Meadowhall- it's a bit of a trek from down South where I live and I think I need my passport to go that far North (JOKE!!) but think it will be a great day out for me and family. Mrs.Sparky showed some reservations last night when she asked "you won't just be talking about books, will you?" but I'm sure with her along we will find other things to talk about and she can always go off and look around the mall if she gets bored while all of us catch up! I know my mate Smiler is really excited about me coming along as I have only just found out about it and said I'd go and my friend Kate will be made up to meet Emilie whom she jokingly calls her future daughter-in-law. (Well I think she's joking- lol!)
Luckily I had some holiday booked around that time as I have had a few saturdays off recently and wouldn't have seen me getting any more off. I had actually booked the week before off but I talked to Martin who had the week after me booked and we agreed to swap- he's happy as he gets his week off a bit earlier and I'm happy because now I actually have something to look forward to. It almost makes all the shit worthwhile so..... bring it on bitch! Throw whatever you got at me cos in two more weeks I is on holiday innit guv!
And if the Hotel burns down whilst I'm away, I won't be shedding that many tears....
Oh yeah, nearly forgot- going to my brother-in-law's wedding today at Sprowston Manor. Only met him a couple of times but could be a good day out and Sprowston's supposed to be a nice hotel though I have never been interesting to see what some of our competition is like!
ciao for now.....
Sparky xxxx

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