Saturday, 3 January 2009

How to make friends and influence people.....

Well have finally made an effort after a brief hiatus from my online life and got back in touch with a few people I used to talk to when I lived on the computer and, more specifically, on a book swapping forum called RISI. The forum has changed a little and doesn't seem as fun as it once was but there are a few select people on there I used to enjoy taking to so decided to take some time, advertise my Blog over there and just update my friends there on what I had been up to (not a lot) and that all was well.
It must have paid off as several people have said now that they will be checking out this Blog and now I have a few followers....which is nice. No but seriously, I do appreciate it you guys- you know who you are.
It was good to get back in touch with the friend for whom this Blog is named (miss muppet) as I have really missed talking to her now that I don't speak to one of my other friends, Smiler, as much as we once did. We're still best buddies, me and Smiler, it's just that life sometimes takes over and I know no matter how long it is between chats that we are always gonna be good friends. I'm also kinda missing a real-life friend of mine, Nush, who moved to Sheffield last year and whom I really used to get on with. We spoke NYE and I got the impression she half wishes she was still down here in Norfolk but she moved away because of her fella's job with F1 and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. She starts IVF on Monday so am wishing her happy thoughts- must tell her about this Blog......made me think, we are going to have to chat more often- sometimes I am terrible at keeping in touch with people but think that must be a guy thing. Also need to phone my best man from my wedding as haven't spoken to him since September at Emilie's birthday party. See- told you I was bad at communicating...
Anyway, all this has made me think: You should treasure your friends and the people close to you in life as they are very important people and very special if they can think highly of you enough to care what you are up to. Talking to the people I have mentioned again has left a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and you can't put a price on that. And if you could, you probably couldn't afford it.
Sparkles xxxxx

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Jo said...

Awwww what a sweety you are... don't blame yourself for not being in touch as much, it takes two and I am crap too!! xxx