Monday, 26 January 2009

Making a mountain out of a......well, a molehill one assumes

I thought this would be an apt title for this post for many reasons; firstly because I have been guilty of this myself recently, obsessing over a customer complaint I had whilst H.C was away and then over H.C's reaction to it- he is supposed to react, thats his job and his responsibility and I realise now that I was over-analyzing everything and taking things too much to heart AND being overly sensitive about a situation I should just forget about and move on from; secondly because I have apparently got myself banned from a book social networking site and thirdly because I have just cleared up the worst nappy I have had in all 18 months of being a dad and Emilie made a mountainn out of that molehill!! If I said her nappy looked like an explosion in a poo factory I would be being generous- that was DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! I know she can't help it but...Emilie!!!!!!! That was horrible....

Anyway, I the top of the page at RISI there was an advert describing a social networking site for book-lovers and a few ppl mentioned that it didn't seem very busy. So I decided to join up and post some very silly posts on their forum - nothing offensive by the way just silly stuff like Jock McTavish is signing his book, Watching Tartan Paint Dry, at his local library that sort of thing then posted on RISI to say what I had done thinking it amusing. I should point out that only two ppl had posted since last year so it's not like there was anybody to read it on there. So anyway, someone else from RISI joined up and comented that they were angry at me for basically abusing the site and that if anyone had posted like that on RISI ppl would be up in arms. I posted back simply to say that I posted such nonsense on RISI all the time and that it was just me being me and trying to be funny and if the only person who was amused was "sparky himself" then fair do's but I wasn't offensive, wasn't homophobic or racist or detrimental to anyone in paticular or anything and didn't attack anyone's views, I just posted some silly posts to amuse and entertain. I also had a bit of a rant because I thought it a silly thing to get "angry" about.

And my argument is thus: innocent people are dying every day in Gazza, there are hundreds of homeless of people if not thousands in this country alone; in some countries children are dying from AIDS every day or drought or famine; there are countless wars going on across the globe that are all without exception unnessecary; cancer kills and devastates as many families as it has ever done despite wonderful and amazing scientific medical discoveries that have benefited our way of life to the better; more people are addicted to drugs than ever before in our lifetime; crime is on the increase and anti-social behaviour levels have increased. All these are things to get angry about. All these are things to rail against and get mad about. I haven't mentioned the current hostilities in Gazza on here yet because I didn't want to bring my Blog down and make it all political but this sort of occurrence really does upset me. It makes my blood boil and makes me want to cry that we can't all just get along and live with each other for fracks sake regardless of who is right and who is wrong- and if there must be conflict, why must thousands of innocent women and children pay the price? What sort of world do we live in where reports of more casualties in foreign lands now passes us by and just becomes another item in the news? It happens every day thats why and we become numb to it all; blinded by our own little insecurities and neurosies and by the sheer enormity of our own existance. And yet, these are the important things. These are what we should be getting mad about. Not a few irrevelant posts that have done no harm to anyone on a small thread on a forum no one even reads anyway. I didn't say I wanted all gays to be rounded up and shot ( I don't think that even if I don't approve of their lifestyle because each to their own and it is up to every individual how they choose to live their life because life is too short, too precious and we should cherish and make the most of every miniscule second.); I didn't say that I thought it wrong that Barrack Obama was voted president because he is black and black people should not hold positions of power because again, I don't think that- I firmly believe that peel back the skin and we are all human; we are all the same- we should be united by our shared humanity not seperated by our superficial differences. I just tried to lighten the mood, bring a little bit of humour to a world that actually is quite dark and depressing when you examine it closely enough and for me to do anything else would mean I wasn't being true to myself or what I believe in. I refuse to apologise for my actions or for me being me and I don't care if I offend anybody because I believe you should always be true to yourself and express yourself as you are not as how you would like to be percieved. I don't put on an act- this is me, Sparky, with no frills, no attempts at distraction from who I really am - THIS IS WHO I AM.

Of course, the end result is that this morning, trying to log onto the book networking site, I discover that my IP has been banned. No great loss and I don't blame the administrators because they obviously don't want their site to become another battleground. Fair do's to them. But at least I had my say before I was expelled. And so long as I can still go on RISI then everything's peachy. But I won't be criticised for not doing anything wrong. And I won't just sit and take it when someone tries to make out that I am a horrible person who has does wrong. Point the finger at someone else- there is plenty of other injustice in the world more worthy of your anger whoever you are.....XXX SparkyXXX

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