Saturday, 14 March 2009

One at a time please.....

Have decided that should only get one book out of library at a time at moment because when I get out more, my TBR pile does not end up getting touched and doesn't go down. It took me sooo long to read THE TERROR, over a week in fact which is a long stretch for me, and now I have two others to read as well; one the final part in a fantasy trilogy, the other a debut from a crime author I recently discovered called Jack Kearley. Actually have almost finished the latter because it is a lite read but must pick something on my TBR pile next!! Think I should read one TBR for each library book I pick up- that would work!!

Back to work later for 4 hours; have got tonight off because I worked wednesday! Still pissed off with work and really need a holiday but only got to wait until beginning of may so not long now. Am also going to book 2 weeks off together at some stage so I get a really long break as we all know I could do with it! HC has got 2 weeks together booked in September so why can't I? Know though that I will not want to go back when I am done!!

Anyway, thats all for now folks- short and sweet for today; speak to you laters xxxxx Sparky :)

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angelfruit said...

Just wanted to say:

1) Agree with you on the book thing - I am wading through so many at the minute and need to focus on one at a time I think.

2) Congratulations - you are maintaining your blog on a consistent basis. Well done. You are doing better than me.

Enjoy the sunshine x