Friday, 22 May 2009

Guess who's back...back again?

Yes, hi it's me- I haven't forgotten you all- I've just been really busy readjusting to being back at work and hating every minute of it as usual. I won't bore you with the details of how we have a new chef in the kitchen who has worked for us once before a couple of years ago, or how the owner's son has tentatively mentioned a possible pay-rise for me and HC in lieu of all the extra hard work we are doing or how I have been umming and aahing about looking for other employment which, trust me, is not as easy or as simple as it sounds- no, instead let me fill you in on my holiday experience!

Firstly, may I say it was nowhere near as traumatic spending a week with my Mother-in-law as I thought it might have been and that really I should perhaps be more grateful than my last Blog entry suggests as she did pay for our cottage for a week and for our cats to be kept in the Kattery. We arrived around three in the afternoon on the Monday after an uneventful journey with very little traffic of any note. Our cottage was in Belton-in-Rutland which was in Leicestershire and was very nice, roomy and cosy. Even if it was ion the middle of nowhere! Barry, my brother-in-law, his girlfriend Jenny and her two-year old, Evan, had one room together; me and Mrs.Sparky shared another and the two attic rooms were taken by Fiona, the M-I-L, and my daughter, Emilie. Ems needed a room of her own as she is very easily disturbed and Evan shared with his mum and Barry as he can be a bit of a handful occasionally though essentially he is a good boy who just has his moments. On Tuesday, we looked up places to visit and found a butterfly farm not far away but travelling there, found it had closed down so ended up going to an owl and bird of prey sanctuary instead which was okay if you like owls but a little on the boring side. Actually Tuesday felt like a bit of a waste of a day but that was made up for on Wednesday when we visited Twycross zoo. This was a nice zoo that specialised in primates but had other animals there too. We watched elephants putting on a show as they were examined by their keepers and given a routine inspection and watched penguins and sea-lions being fed. A really good day out that was enjoyed by all.

I think it was Thursday that we went out for a meal in Oakham at a pub called The Falcon and that was a very nice night which I think we all enjoyed. And then on Friday we went to Twin-lakes Amusement Park which was another fun day out. I read the brochure wrong and continually kept calling it Twinkles for some reason, gawd alone knows why! There were lots of attractions and animals to see and it wasn't that busy so we had the park pretty much to ourselves shared by only a few other people. Emilie got really tired and fell asleep so missed out on the small train ride we went on that travelled around a small part of the park but Evan , Jenny's little boy, was made up as he has this thing for Thomas The Tank Engine and a show called Chuggington which also features trains as the main characters.

Saturday was the day of the wedding we were going to and this was at a hotel in Donnington. The food was less than impressive and the venue not that great but it was the whole reason we had come away in the first place so couldn't complain too much. Then on Sunday we had to leave and I was quite upset to be going. I have not been sooo relaxed since our honeymoon in Rome and it felt really good for all of us to be spending a week together. I really got on with Jenny and her boy Evan and will really miss their company as I don't get to see them too often. In fact I enjoyed the week so much that I would love to do something similar again sometime. I have decided to keep back any DOOYOO money I earn now and put it towards another holiday so hopefully we might get away again next year. Who knows- For now though, it is back to reality with a bang and I must get used to the daily grind once more which in itself is a complete nightmare.

If only I could have a job where I worked more sociable hours but I don't see that happening anytime soon.....

Will upload some photos from hols when I get a bit more time.....till then, see ya!

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