Sunday, 31 May 2009

Highs and lows and roundabouts....

Not much going on in my life at mo- just feeling the usual feelings of apathy about my job which I shall not bore you with right now. Went for an interview at a recruitment agency the other day to see if they had any jobs going but the only one suitable was at a small Australian-themed restaurant/pub which I worked at a few years ago and hated. The reason- because I had to work similar hours there to the ones I have started to do at The Hotel now...history repeating itself~ just a little bit methinks!

Something that has cheered me up is finding someone on Facebook whom I used to work with and got on really well with at a previous job I had at a small hotel in Swaffham. She was a waitress, is about 19 now I think and her name is Sophie. Her and her twin brother Daniel started at the hotel a little while before I left and I always had a bit of a soft spot for her because she was always bubbly and friendly and, together with my other friends there- Danny, Nush and Katie, we always had a bit of a laugh! When me and Nush both left, I kind of lost contact a bit with the people I worked with there though I do still very occasionally talk to Danny by text, so it was nice for Sophie to accept my friend request when I spotted her on Danny's FB page. She sounds a bit fed up where she is, still at the same hotel though her brother has since moved on, so at least it's not just me who's a bit naffed off with work at mo. We had a bit of a chat a couple of days ago and it was good to catch up again and I look forward to keeping in touch.

Also got a chance to chat with my good friend Sarah on FB and it was good to talk to her too as we don't get much chance to touch base now as much as we used to ~ mainly because both our lives are soo busy at mo. She is changing her path in life and going to Uni to train to be a social-worker and I am always working all the hours god sends. But that's okay because when we do chat, that just makes our conversations all that more special.

Am slowly coming to terms with the fact that instead of belittling what I do and how little I time I get to spend with my daughter, I should be grateful for the time I do get to spend with her and make more the most of time spent with her and Mrs.Sparky. Also that I am fortunate to have some really good friends, Sophie, Sarah,Nush,Kate and Glynis among them, and that I should be grateful to be blessed with their friendship. There is just as much, if not more, in my life that is positive than there is that is negative and I should really not be spending the free time I do get stressing out but should instead be Carpe Diem; Seizing The Day. Easier said than done but if I can work on that then I think I will be happier in myself.

Of course I am still going to keep 'em peeled for another job but I am wondering if it is just me getting itchy feet again like I do every so often. Sarah, the other day, told me that I think too much and she is right- I should concentrate as much on living life as I do psycho-analyzing it as nobody knows how much time we have left and, like an egg-timer, who knows how quickly the sand is running through the glass. It is like the proverb, I forget it's origin, about the man who worried all his life away about everything and anything and then when he died he complained to Death that he hadn't had a chance to live his life. "Aaah," replied Death, "if you had gotten on with your life instead of worrying about when it would end, then you would've had a long and prosperous existance instead all your posturing has tired out your soul all the quicker!" "Can't I go back?" asks the man, "Knowing what I know now?"
"No," replies Death, "You had your chance!"

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