Sunday, 19 July 2009

Quick Blog....

Had a dream last night that I worked with Marco Pierre White ~ woke up thinking "actually that Marco's alright really..." and a bit confuddled, as you can be upon waking, what was dream and what was reality...makes a change from dreaming about work! Been Twittering a bit last couple of weeks ~ find myself using it like a mini-Blog and thought rather than keep writing essays, why don't I just Blog little bits on here more often instead of big chunks once every six weeks?

Here a few of my random tweets completely out of all context....

"I measured @sparkymarky1973's e-Penis on and his e-Penis is 11.7cm! ~ hmm well thats certainly reasonable rofl :)"

"why does being a parent suddenly make you much more critical of other parents?"

"hmm mustard coloured poo- what does her mum feed her when i'm not here?"

"very quiet here so far 2day...guess I'll have to just keep tweeting myself + thats not an euphenism.."

"oh yummy- took the scab off my burnt arm in bath this morning....thinking maybe i should post a picture.....or NOT!"

"just got home~drove back listening to classic fm and gorging on bertie bassett's finest! Who says i'm not cultured?"

"note to self- shut patio doors when raining!"

"like the Lego chainsaw massacre or something...very scary!"

"sparkymarky1973 thinks "what the frack has it got to do with you what I'm bleedin' doing snouty!" Spelled it right that time!!"

For those not in the know, yes Twitter is just like Facebook Status but without all the social networking, applications or fun! But I have had one of my comments re-tweeted by Jason Manford the comedian (when a person posts your comment for all their followerrs to read and attributes it to you) so that's pretty cool!

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