Friday, 7 August 2009

National Sparky's stay home vacation: day five

Not done much last couple of days but have got the majority of Mrs.Sparky's list crossed off! Been nice relaxing and not having to worry about anything and am dreading going back to work! Not going to think about that right now yet though as still have a few days to go yet!!

Me and Emilie have been out for a long walk yesterday when I went to get my hair cut ~ it takes an hour to walk into town and back again ~and the day before we spent some time in the play area over the road from us which has a small slide and some swings. All very nice and relaxing and whilst there is plenty more that I wanted to get done this week, still it has been nice just not doing a lot! Yesterday we got the paddling pool out and Emilie had a little play in that though most of her time was spent emptying the pool with her bucket and trying to soak daddy. It is a good thing yesterday was a scorching hot, humid day because the water splashed at me from the paddling pool cooled me down. But I did end up rather wet!!

Finished John Connolly's The Lovers in the early hours of Wednesday morning ~ it was one of those books you just could not put down. I love the whole dark macabreness of the story arc that runs through these books and the whole idea of fallen angels walking amongst us is a fascinating and interesting one that goes a long way to explaining some of the evil people in this world! It is also rather scary and thinking about it sends shivers down my spine. But John Connolly is, without question, my favourite thriller writer and it is just a shame that he will be taking another break from Charlie Parker for his next novel. Apparently the next Parker novel, The Whisperers, is due out next year and I for one cannot wait!

Started reading Dead Until Dark yesterday by Charlaine Harris but was less than impressed and gave up before the end. It was a very chick-lit kind-of book that was like some kind of horror-lite and was chock full of lovey-dovey vampire-human sex scenes that made me want to hurl. It comes under the guise of a new genre, Paranormal Romance, which is kind of like mills n boon but with supernatural elements added to the mix! Thought I would give it a go as it has just been made into a successful American series, True Blood, but after reading Let The Right One In, this was a bitter disappointment for a vampire novel and not very thrilling at all. Have instead started The Handbag And Wellies Yoga Club which is chick-lit through and through but which I got free from a Facebook group, "I want a free book every month". It is all about a top city slicker who exchanges her busy life-style for a more refined life in Norfolk which, as some of you may know, is my home! It is quite amusing to see an outsiders point of view of Norfolk and to recognise all of the villages she mentions. It's not laugh out loud funny but it is very well written and a pleasant enough and easy read which I will soon get through....

Yesterday Twitter went down after an attack on it by hackers. What was funny was the amount off people who began fretting because they could not get on it! Facebook was full of people who were stresing because they could not get the Tweet fix for the day. Honestly what did people do before Twitter? Oh yes, they actually had to talk to each other face-to-face or on the phone rather than typing regular updates on their day such as "just about to go to loo, hope it's an easier experience than last time!" That's not a real Tweet I have read by the way but one I have made up but you can bet your ass that someone has Tweeted that at some stage!!

We have kept getting updates through from the Breckland Freecycle group lately by E-mail even though the only interest we have ever showed in the siote was months ago so why we have suddenly started getting updates I don't know. The idea on Freecycle of course being that people offer their tat on there for free so other people can come to collect it and that others can make requests of stuff they are looking for. Mrs.Sparky has cancelled the updates now but will take a few days to go through. It is quite amusing though the cheek of some people and what they ask for... one guy wanted some paint for a paint pod as he had bought the pod but could not afford anything to go into it. Another asked for some life jackets so he and his family could go canoeing. Oh and some paddles if anyone had them. And a canoe! We are thinking of going on there and asking for a bigger house?!!?? I did post the other day that I would be intertested in picking up any old books if anybody had some hanging around...thought I could flog them or put them on Bookmooch or something but surprise surprise, no replies as yet.... I wonder if any of the "Wanted" requests get any replies?

Bookmooch is a bit like RISI for those who don't know, but instead of swapping for books, members post their lists of unwanted books then get points for any books they send which they can then redeem for books on other people's lists. It means that instead of having to pick something off other people's swap-lists or risk causing offence by turning them down, you can store points until you see something you really want or until one of the books on your wishlist becomes available. I only listed my RISI books on there yesterday but got two requests almost straight away. Thats a good start as I could do woith getting rid of some of my books without the fear of getting more back in their place especially as my TBR stash is getting ridiculously massive!

Well thats all for now, more updates soon... Sparky :)

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