Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Vacation day two....or what I did in my summer holiday

Day Two of my hols has seen me doing ANOTHER mystery shop today earning me a cool £10 for around half hours work! I am not supposed to talk about it but so far all my assignments have been in local towns covering a variety of businesses! It was my fourth assignment today and I really quite enjoyed it ~ pretending to be somebody else for a small slice of time! I do it through a company website called Grass Roots and signing up was dead easy. Hoping I get some more assignments soon as they are really quite fun!

Gave up on David Peace's 1977 last night; just couldn't get into the way each chapter alternated between the two lead characters and actually found it quite confusing! Don't think I am going to bother with 1980 or 1983, the last two installments in The Red Riding quartet, as I do not like Peace's style particularly and cannot see anyway it will improve with the later novels. Am reading instead The Lovers by John Connolly who is a much better writer and someone of whom I am seldom disappointed. There have only been two of his books I did not like and both these were independent novels rather than part of his Charlie Parker series...

This newest novel sees Charlie Parker holding down a job as a bar manager in Maine after having his Private Investigators license revoked following events in The Unquiet which saw him upsetting the wrong kind of influential and powerful people and attracting the attentions of a very creepy guy known only as The Collector! With time on his hands, Parker finds himself drawn back into his own past as he finally attempts to discover the true reasons behind his father's disgrace and consequent suicide that followed his murder of two unarmed youths. Will Parker's death has never been satisfactorily explained to his son and now, after hints from The Collector that Parker's parents may not be whom they seemed, he has decided to investigate his own family history as opposed to other peoples. Meanwhile, a hack journalist and occasional crime writer decides to write a true-crime book all about Parker's exploits and his recent dealings with those others would consider to be "bad men!" And then there is the mysterious figure who is dogging Parker's is he connected?

Connolly writes very dark and macabre thrillers that always border on the edge of insanity and which have dealings with the supernatural whilst still entitling the viewer to form their own opinion of events. Whether the more paranormal elements of his novels are all in Parker's head or not is left entirely to the reader's own interpretation and this makes his books work on a variety of levels. If you have not picked him up before, then start with Every Dead Thing and introduce yourself to ex-cop turned P.I Charlie Parker. I guarantee you will not be disappointed...

Went to see the latest Harry Potter today at cinema, The Half-Blood Prince, whilst mum looked after Emilie for a few hours.Mrs.Sparky twisted my arm as we have seen them all so far on big scren and I am glad she did as it was very good! But blimey, the films are getting very dark and serious now!!! I should really try and read the books but I tried Philosopher's Stone a while back and didn't really enjoy it! I didn't like Rowling's style paticulary but Im thinking I should give them another go! I would like to get them in a box-set with the adult covers but will probably wait a while as I have enough books to wade through at present! We saw a trailer for the new Guy Ritchie film, a modern take on Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jnr, whilst we were there and that looks bloody good and then they just advertised the new Quentin Tarrantino, Inglorious Bastards, on TV a moment ago and that looks cool too! They also have a final Final Destination planned to finish off the series this year but whether or not that will be any good remains to be seen as number 3 was a bit pants and not at all frightening like the first two which had some, excuse the pun, killer scenes that literally left me gasping. For those who have seen the films I will just say "BBBBBUUUUUUSSSSS!" and "Holy Panes of Glass Batman!" The first two films were nasty!!

Tonight had the Wii out for a bit; Mrs.Sparky bought it about a month ago and not really played it yet. She got Wii Fit for it and doing the BMI test for it produced the result that I am currently ideal!! Wouldn't have said that a few months ago!! It is only because I have lost a bit of weight after being on my feet 12/13 hours a day and not eating properly as don't have time! Still if it says Iam ideal for my age and height, I am not gonna argue. The games on Wii Fit are fun and include Ski Slalom and Ski Jumping though I am not convinced by the Yoga exercises as I kept losing my balance!! That said there is a good Step Aerobics programme on there that is challenging and fun and the more hours you put into Wii Fit, the more extras you can unlock! I played for around an hour tonight before I had realised and ended up all hot and sweaty but had lots of fun!!! It said I had lost 4lbs when I weighed myself at the end of my session and then I realised I had done the first weigh-in wearing my Combats and, by the end of my Wii time, had ended up removing them as they had got in the way and that, loaded down with my keys and wallet etc, that probably amounted to the missing 4lbs! What a dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, thats Day Two of my holiday over so 'till tomorrow goodbyeeeeeeeeeeee!

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