Saturday, 1 August 2009

Vacation time: day minus 1.1

Been busy again tonight at work but to be frank, am feeling a bit apathetic about it all at the moment. This is due to the fact that my week's holiday draws ever closer! And also because I can not really be arsed at the moment after the week I have just had as well....

Nearly had an incident with Crispy this morning ~ he has this habit of keep touching me when I have told him to keep his distance and today I came closer than I have for ages to actually hitting somebody. He really is the most annoying little shit and his very presence winds me up! I got so wound up this morning that my hands were actually shaking and I had to go walk in the car park for a couple of minutes to calm myself down! Anyone who knows me knows that normally I am quite laid-back and chilled so for me to get to the stage where I want to smack somebody then they REALLY must be irritating! Course I have more sense than to risk my job over a little c### like that but I tell you, he had better watch his back because any chance I have to stitch him up, I will not hesitate to use it and he is the sort of twat who will provide me with plenty of ammunition! Even HC said it wasn't like me to let someone get to me and really I shouldn't bite but it is bloody difficult! I must try to learn to rise above it as I should not really grace him with a response or sink to his putrid level. And, with any luck, his days at The Hotel are numbered anyway because he's not short of making enemies! Mind, all the jail-bait waitresses fawn all over him but then theres no accounting for taste one supposes!

My friend Katey has started her own Blog all about her reading habits and it made me think that really I should talk more about the stuff I am reading here, seeing as how it's what I do most of in my spare time.The link to her Blog, which I am sure she will not mind me sharing, is here:

Meanwhile I am currently reading the following:~

Mao, the untold story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday which aims to reveal the true man behind the myth and propaganda and is a heavy-going but most enjoyable read! I have been reading this for months and am still only half-way through because I find it difficult to read too much of it at once even though I find it very educational and a highly rewarding read!

Saigon by Anthony Grey, who also wrote Peking, all about a young American and his experiences living in Vietnam over the course of several decades starting in the 1920's. Again very educational and a little heavy-going but nonetheless a very enjoyable novel that really sweeps you up in it's epic tale. HC lent me this and Peking when I told him about reading Mao and Wild Swans which was also written by Jung Chang. Anthony Grey, apparently, originally comes from Norwich which is my home city!

Let The Right One In by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist all about a young boy who is bullied and ends up making friends with a mysterious girl who lives in the apartment next door and turns out to be a vampire! This is a great novel and Lindqvist is the only author I have ever read who reminds me of Stephen King in style and content. The novel is as much a satirical look at swedish life in the eighties as it is a horror novel and is quite nasty in places! But it is a gripping read and it is easy to forget it has been translated from a foreign language! It has been made into a foreign language film recently and this, in turn, is due for the inevitable Hollywood remake to be released sometime next year!

So, thats brought you up to date with my current reading profile.....I'll try to make a more concerted effort to keep you up to date with what I'm reading as I know at least some of you who read this will be interested...until then ciao ciao xxxxx Sparky!

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