Saturday, 1 August 2009

Vacation time: day minus 2

Only today and tomorrow to work until I am on holiday for a week ~yaay~ and I get an extra day for working six days last week whilst HC was away ~double yaay!! It was my first shift with HC last night after around 10 or 11 days so couldn't stop smiling that he was back and that the burdens of responsibility, that had lain heavy this past week, had been unshackled from my shoulders! I think he wonderd why I was smiling like a loon ~probably he thought I had another job lined up ~but I would not tell him, just said when he asked "no reason HC, no reason."

I think he found it quite hard last night as we were very busy and the other chefs, Crispy and Geordie Ed, weren't a lot of cop and let things brush the kerbstones of In-The-Shit Street! I think he kindof realised, if he hadn't before, how hard it has been whilst he was away and how difficult it is to keep all the balls in the air when certain members of your team keep fumbling the pass. Certainly Ed is okay but he has a lot to learn and Crispy really winds him up as he does us all. Crispy is like the most annoying person you have ever had to work with and the sooner he goes the better. Word on the street is that his cards HAVE been marked by the management and that can only be a good thing!

Had another dream last night about Marco Pierere White again! What is it about this guy? This time I was staying or visiting this restaurant or hotel, it was a little unclear which it was as it sometimes is in a dream, and was looking for a back way out. Ended up walking through the kitchen and who should be there at the back near his office but Marco. I turned round and introduced myself and said something like "Hi Marco, I'm a chef too ~ nice to meet you, I have always had the greatest respect for you and what you do..." To which he just looked at me as if I had thrown up at his fet and was beyond his notice, as insignificant as a dung beetle, and just roared... "OUT!!!!!!! OUT OF MY KITCHEN NOW!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOUUUUUUTTTTT!!!!"

Honestly, there was no need to be rude! I was just being polite and, after all, it was MY dream! Next time, I must try and remember to tell him what a frak-head he is! Or maybe I can try deaming about somebody else ~ Angela Harkness for example who works with Ramsey ~ though why I should want to dream about her, I don't know as she's not the most asthetically pleasing on the eye of female chefs ~ or maybe that tw#t Jamie Oliver. At least he's a mockney like me and a bit cor-blimey-guv-go-strike-a-light so we might have more in common than I do with Marco! I can't believe I am talking about these people in my dreams as if I actually know them in real-life!

Time I went back to work I suppose....sounds like Emilie is trashing the living room behind me and I think it's time I gave her to her mum!!

Laters people..... Sparky xxx

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