Sunday, 2 August 2009

Vacation time: day zero

Well, I am finally officially on holiday!!! A whole week is planned of pure relaxation, chilling and not doing anything even remotely resembling work! Mind, Mrs.Sparky has left me a list of jobs for me to be getting on with but it remains to be seen how much of it I get done. Just looking after my daughter will probably be a full-time job this week as Mrs.Sparky has been reporting to me that she is a bit of a devil child at mo when I get in from work.I should probably add that Mrs.Sparky is still at work this week for her usual three days, so we will only get Tuesday, thursday and the weekend together~ the rest of the time it will be just me and Emilie during the day. An example of my daughter creating havoc was in evidence the other morning when I updated my Blog....reme,ber I said it sounded as though she was trashing the living room behind me? Well, it turned out that whilst I had been ignoring her and typing my update,she had proceeded to toss as many of her toys as she had could lay her hands on outside through the open patio doors! I suppose thats what I get for not paying her attention but, with 5 minutes left before I had to leave for work, it really wasn't funny. And of course I had to at least attempt to clear it all up and get the toys back inside before Mrs.Sparky came down or else she would not have been best pleased! That'll teach me to ignore what my daughter is up to!

Actually, at the mo, Emilie is mostly playing up at meal and bed times! She is a bit of a pain to get her to eat at dinner time and the only way to get her to sleep at the moment is to leave her upstairs crying and go down and put the hoover on. Once she realises we can't hear her and are not going to come up then she eventually gives up and goes to bed. Sounds a bit horrible but she is testing the waters to see what she can get away with and pushing the boundaries a little so we have to show her who's the Boss or she will be forever thinking she can get away with things! It is not nice leaving her crying like that but we have tried getting her sleepy, reading her a story or two and calming her down but as soon as you go to leave her room, even if you think she is asleep, then she is up like a light and all tearful. She just doesn't want to be left up in her room on her own thats all but I am sure it is just a phase!

Crispy got another warning today when my mate Richard, the Manager of The Hotel, gave him a bollicking. He was told off for fawning over the waitresses and flirting with them, distracting them etc... One of the main culprits who always encourages him was also given a ticking off and I heard the if we can get a replacement then he will be shipped out as a trouble-maker as soon as possible. I did tell you his cards were marked didn't I? Course it's easy to just say that but the reality is somewhat different but I think it is just a matter of time before he upsets the wrong person. He nearly made Geordie Ed lose his rag again tonight and the guy is certainly doing well to earn his place on so many people's shit-lists! In a vote for the biggest prick in The Hotel, he would certainly top the poll though of course all the little girlies love him! Makes me sound as though I am a little bit jealous until you take into the equation the fact that I am old enough to be all their dads! No, it is more dismay on my part that these girls can't see what a cock he is and that they haven't got better taste! But then young girls always like the bad boys, don't they? oh but they have soo much to learn...

Finished Let The Right One in today and though I was a bit disappointed by the ending, I still really enjoyed it, would recommend it and want to see the film version. Haven't seen a decent foreign language film in ages it feels like! Had one of those moments this morning that all book~lovers will recognise where I had only a few chapters to go and had to leave to go to work! Was faced with that dilema- do I make myself late and finish the book or do I tear myself away and finish it off later. Went for the latter choice but I hate it when you get so close to a book's climax then have to put it on hold for something. Debating what to read next ~ I have Saigon which I really ought to read more of, 1977~the second part of David Peace's Red Riding quartet which was recently filmed as a trilogy for channel 4, John Connolly's latest Supernatural thriller starring Charlie Parker or Robin Hobb's latest novel set in The Rain Wilds which I bought, signed, last week. Thats the third of her books I have signed, one of which is dedicated directly to me and which I got when she came to our local Waterstones nee Ottakers,a couple of years ago now. As such, this latest book of hers will take pride of place and carries great sentim,ental value for me as I love her work as a fantasy writer! I am not keen on her books published under her own name of Megan Lindholm but as Robin Hobb, she excels ~ her characters are so believable and you can really connect with them and their world. I really want to read this newest book of hers, but I know it will take me ages to read as I will really enjoy it and savour every last word! Maybe thats something for later on in the week then...

Anyway, thats enough waffle....see you tomorrow when I will be updating you on the first day of my vacation.... au revoir

SparkyMarky :)

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