Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dereham Photo Blog: #2: the road to nowhere

Just around the corner from The Dereham Windmill is what I have aptly entitled The Road To Nowhere. This is a road that seemingly has no point, rhyme or indeed reason and seems to go precisely...nowhere. Apparently, this road ends with a rip in the Space/Time continuim and that is why it was never completed. It has been said that at certain times of the year, when the stars are in their correct alignment, that a portal opens up here to another dimension. There is talk locally of one paticular night, after a very heavy storm, in which a local resident watched as a skeletal coach and horses came carousing down the road in a "blaze of unearthly light" and disappeared at the point that this road ends. There is also talk of people who have walked the road at certain times in the past and subsequently have never been seen or heard of ever again. Of course, some or all this might have just been made up by your favourite Internet Blogger but then isn't that the way that all Urban Legends are born and, after all, doesn't Dereham deserve a little bit of local colour of it's own?

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