Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dereham Photo Blog: #1

In the many years that I have lived in Dereham, I have often seen a sign posting the way towards something called The Dereham Windmill. This has always troubled me firstly because I have never heard anything locally about The Dereham Windmill and because I have never seen any sign of it from the road despite always trying to glimpse a peek so one day the other week, before HC's holiday began, I decided to take Emilie in the push-chair and try to track down this long sought after local attraction. This is the forested road that supposedly points the way to The Windmill. I took this photo because walking down here reminded me of a Stephen King story I once read about a woman who is always trying to take short-cuts whilst travelling from A to B and ends up taking the narrator through dark, woody roads in which fearsome and scary creatures seem to lurk beyond the shadows. This path doesn't look that menacing during the day but you can well imagine that as dusk approaches, suddenly your imagination might go into over-drive. It also looks to me like a road that might lead you somewhere nasty....

Finally, we reached our final destination, The Dereham Windmill, and it is fair to say that I was less than imprssed seeing as how I had been curious about this local "attraction" for several years now and had quite built up my anticipation. Luckily Emilie had long since fallen asleep so could conceal her disappointment. I however was not so lucky and experienced feelings of "Is that it?" and "Well, that was worth it, wasn't it?"
It's not even as though it gets any better from the other side. In fact, it is fair to say that our local Dereham Windmill was something of a let-down on all fronts! Glad I waited all this time to see it...not!

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