Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dereham Photo Blog: #0

As some of you may have noticed, there are a few Blogs I follow regularly
amongst which, one of my favourites is ROME
PHOTO BLOG. This is basically a collection of photos by an American girl living in Rome who takes photos of everyday life in her magnificent city. I first became aware of the Blog because it appeared under the Blogs Of Note section of Google Blogger and it appealed because a few years ago, myself and Mrs.Sparky sent a very enjoyable 10 days in Rome for our honeymoon and it is great to see snap-shots of streets we remember walking down taken by somebody who lives there. One of my favourite photos on there I have seen so far is a portrait of an empty Via De Corso at night; the shops all lit up and closed for the night, the streets all deserted of people. Anyway, inspired by all this I have decided to begin a random and occasional series of photos that give a snap-shot look of life here in sleepy Norfolk and more specifically, of my current home town, Dereham, and the city I was born in, Norwich. Above is a picture of Dereham Fire Station. Yes, my quiet little market town is actually big enough to have it's own Fire Station though it is reassuring to note that Dereham is thankfully quite short of pyromaniacs. In fact, the last time there was a fire, the majority of the local people gathered around to keep warm. This is because we live in the sticks and apparently have not quite caught up with the rest of civilisation yet and so have never heard of either central heating or that damned electrickery that supposedly powers something called "The Internet" that will lead all our children into depravity if you believe what they print in The Daily Mail. The Daily Mail is the only paper available in local newsagents along with The Sun and The Daily Sport; because everyone knows that people living in small market towns are all either inbreds or bigots or both!

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