Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Forget 30 days of night, here's 15 days of shite!

Well, although it was really nice to have Bank Holiday Monday off and although we all had a really good day out at Banham Zoo ( with lovely scorching weather- whats all that about on a Bank Holiday?) and I got my dinner cooked for me too by Mrs.Sparky's mum, in some ways I almost wish I had been at work. Not because I didn't have a really nice time, because I did but because I felt as though yesterday I had to run around like a loony bin trying to do all the things I could've done Monday that included sorting out fridges and trying to replenish an almost empty sweet fridge! This makes me sound ungrateful I know and I don't mean to be because Monday was almost like a day stepped outside my life; as though, for just one day, I took a step out of reality only to take two steps back into the maelstorm the very next day. It is just that yesterday, working from 9 am through until 11.10 pm without a single break showed me, if there was any doubt, that this next two weeks are going to be HARD!

One of the reasons I stayed so late last night was because I was making sure that Ed and Commis Ross (who is back from holiday today) would be set-up for lunch. I have taken this morning off both because it is the other time apart from Monday that I will get any time off and because I need to look after Emilie whilst Mrs.Sparky is at work! I start back at 4 pm today as though it were a Friday (this is the shift I normally work on that day every week) and I am dreading going back into work after having the morning off but I needed to take some time for myself while I am able to as gawd knows it will be hard enough to do so next week!!

Yesterday was made harder for me by Geordie Ed who does not know the meaning of vocal restraint. Not only does he talk A LOT which in itself is really distracting and more than a little tiresome but also he just talks shit all the time that I'm really not that interested in. And yesterday he got into two confrontations with other members of staff and this is just the beginning of the two weeks that I am in charge. I need him in the kitchen as otherwise I am going to be deeply in the brown stuff but he is going to make it hard for me to cope I know it. It will not be anything else that drives me to despair but him, especially if he keeps coming into conflict with Front Of House! Last night, before leaving, I had barman Richie whinging at me about Ed and the way he spoke to him in front of customers and I had to say look Richie, I really am not interested and am not going to get involved! I have enough else to deal with being the only trained chef in the kitchen, and at times the only competent one, for the next two weeks and I really do not need any more hassle!

Think he took some umbrage at that in the fact I was not going to do anything but I already had words with Ed yesterday when he got a bit defensive with me and I cannot have him walking out whilst HC is away and dropping me right in it so, to some extent, have to keep him placated! Ed seems to think that the only person who can tell him what to do is HC but he seems to forget that for the next two weeks, I am HC! Gawd, why do some people insist on making your life more difficult?

It is a good job that I am fairly patient though this period will be a test of just how patient I can be and I think I might have to get nasty before HC returns. But, to be honest, I should not be having to cope with such poor staffing levels and it is utterly ridiculous that in a kitchen as busy as ours, I am going to be the only fully trained chef!! I am only one man and the longer this goes on, the closer I get to thinking I have had enough! I am as close as I have ever been to simply walking out in sheer disgust and the only thing that keeps me here is knowing I have to pay the bills......

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