Monday, 31 August 2009

Reasons to be,two,three

Well, thought I would post a new Blog entry because since this morning, circumstances have changed....I now have a day off tomorrow thanks to my mate Richard the manager, which is handy as Mrs.Sparky was taking Ems and the mother-in-law to Banham Zoo tomorrow for the Bank Holiday and now it means I can go with them!! Apparently Richard is going to supervise Geordie Ed and another temporary kitchen assisstant called Sammi during the day and, it being a Bank Holiday, it is not supposed to be too busy! One things for certain ~ my phones not going on tomorrow!! Gawd alone knows what I will walk into on Tuesday but I am sure I can handle whatever shit-storm I get left and besides, I get to have a day off so even if I have to work my ass off on Tuesday, which is pretty inevitable all things considered, then it will be worth it!!

Forgot to mention this morning as well, my dental experiences the other day! Had to go back to my local NHS Dentist on Thursday just gone to get the results of X-rays he had taken previously and he basically told me that he wanted to see me again that afternoon to remove my dodgy tooth straight away despite already being double-booked. Not being a fan of needles, and after a bad experience several years go which has prevented me from subsequent Dental visits, naturally I then began to shit the proverbial bricks. Still the thought of no more toothache was a big encouragement. Don't know if I mentioned last time but I have been woken up every morning between the hours of 02:30 and 05:30 for the last week with crippling tooth pain. Thankfully I have been able to take a couple of pills and return to slumber but still, it was not a nice thing to wake up to EVERY MORNING!! This was as well as the constant ache I had all day long and the savage attacks of toothache that could erupt during the day as well with little or no warning!

Anyway,I had to have three injections which were helped by this gel stuff they apply to the mouth before using the needle. This gel means you hardly feel the needle when it does go in! Still, the Dentist did have to tell me to slow my breathing as at one stage I was in danger of hyper-ventilating! Once all injections had been administered, he then proceeded to yank, and I do mean yank, out my tooth. The whole proceedure took a little under an hour and the injections left me feeling more than a little bit woozy but my experience was much better than my last Dental visit twelve years ago and really reassured me that it doesn't have to be a traumatic experience! My Dentist this time was very reassuring through-out, patient with me and very pleasent to deal with. I have no fears or worries about seeing him again after xmas, which is when he next wants to see me, and he claimed my teeth are overall in a fairly good condition; my recent cavity not withstanding!

Am so glad that it is all over and it wasn't an enjoyable experience by any means but I have had worse moments and at least the tooth-ache is now a distant memory. Thanks must also go out to my friend, Lisa who fed me scare stories before my afternoon visit then sent me a clip of the Dental scene from Marathon Man once it was all over! ROFL!! If you don't know the scene, you really should look it up!! It's a classic movie moment! But the good thing is, it put a smile on my face so good one Lisa ~ you know me too well!

So anyway you see, for once we have a cheerful Blog and reasons to be cheerful ~ one, two, three!

Until next time peeps! Ciao ciao!! Sparky xxxxx

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