Monday, 4 October 2010

I don't normally use Twitter, but if I did......

So, been a bit of an Internet recluse these past few months for a variety of reasons that incorporates XBOX LIVE and a busy time at work but am off on holiday this week so am taking the opportunity to revisit my Blog and try and be more proactivewith it! With that in mind, I have also decided, for this week only, to try and use my Twitter account a little more than I might have done in the past to Tweet everything that I get up to. For those of you who don't follow me there (sparkymarky1973) but do follow my Blog either on Facebook or at, I have decided to simultaeneously post my Tweets on here. So be prepared for a few random Blog posts, some mundane observations on life in general and a complete Blog overdrive as I flood these pages with the intimate details of my experiences this week!

Tweet @ 10:27 am ~ Is it wrong that on the first day of my holiday, I have so far acheived absolutely nowt?

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