Wednesday, 10 November 2010

X-Factor ate my hamster!

So, apparently it turns out that X-factor is fixed! Who would've thought it! I mean imagine it...the shock!

Host Dermott O'Leary has apparently come out and said that Cheryl Cole's decision not to vote on the show at the weekend was a deliberate conspiracy hatched by the judges just before the show came back on air after a short break, to get rid of the candidate they wanted gone rather than the one who stayed even though her performance was weaker. Apparently, and I wasn't really watching so wasn't really paying attention, the one who stayed forgot the words and pretty much resorted to just begging for her position live on stage! According to The Sun, which I perused whilst waiting to get my hair cut today (I don't read that muck anymore than I would ordinarily watch X-Factor!), Dermott accidentally let this information slip out giving more ammunition to the loser's father who has slammed the show in recent days in the press!

Surely no one can be THAT surprised? It must be pretty obvious to anyone with a brain-cell that the show is a complete and utter farce? In the small bit that I saw the other night, a group (I will not even attempt to pretend I knew who they were) slaughtered, or should I say raped the life out of, the classic song Kids In America. It was right proper lowest-denomination telly and I felt myself getting dumber and dumber with every second that passed!

This latest scandal comes hot on the heels after Louis Walsh described one contestant as a "young Lenny Henry!" Personally I can't see what is wrong with that....after all, at least the contestant WAS black! It could have been worse, he might have said "You remind me of the late Roddy McDowell  in Planet Of The Apes" or "One of them Gollywogs like what my neice, Lucy, had when she was little..." or even "You remind me of a young Shirley Bassey" even though the contestant was male!

God...why do people spend sooo much time on this fracking shit? It's a pile of crap, it's shit telly and it has no relevance. In a year's time no one will remember anyone on it! And that includes Cheryl and Danni too with any luck!

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