Friday, 28 January 2011

Back from the brink......

Well, I'm back after an extended annual absence that always seems to happen around the December-Janaury point of the calender due in part to Xmas being my busist time of year and also to me finding it inordinarily difficult to start Blogging again after so many weeks not doing it! 

Much has happened whilst I have been away. The big thing in the last week is that Emilie has begun pooing on the potty after weeks of creating and refusing to go in anything other than a nappy! She would go for a wee on potty or toilet but not poo and I don't know what has changed but a bit of patience with her has certainly paid off and now, once she has realised she can do it, she is going on the potty all the time! We have made sure we give her lots of praise and encouragement and all of it is genuine. I am soooooo nproud of my little sweetheart for takling this big step and now can stop worrying about whether she was ever going to be fully trained!!

The other big thing is that I smashed my K.A up in the recent bad weather over December. I was coming down a slip-road that had not been properly gritted, hit black ice and spun out of control. It was quite worrying and when I saw a white van headed towards me, there was a moment when I thought my number might be up!! The van hit me at the front end of the drivers side but very nearly managed to miss me! I mean we are literally talking about a matter of milli-seconds! My car would not start, the wheels were locked into place and the other drivers ending up calling an ambulance because they were not sure if I was hurt. I smacked my head but otherwise was thankfully unharmed! My K.A however was a write-off!!


They are absolutely awful ~ insisted me going through the claim over the phone in the ambulance before they would recover my vehicle for assessment despite the Police telling them it was a hazard and needed moving; point-blank refused me a courtesy car because it was a write-off but also held off organising me a hire-car until their own Independant Assessor could confirm this and were nothing but a nusiance to try and communicate with! They are the worst Insurance company I have ever used but be warned ~ were the number one cheapest on Comparison site, Go Compare! In future, I will check out Martyn Lewis' website before I go with a company I have not heard of before as there were lots of disparaging comments about them on the forum there. Either that or I will go with a reputable company whom I have heard of before even if it does cost me a little more! Either way I would neither use First Central again or reccommend them to anyone! And, when I get a few moments to spare, I am also going to be writing to Watchdog, the Ombudsman and anyone else I can think of complaining about the level of service I have recieved! Basically the company was just forking me off so they didn't have to supply me with a car and that really isn't good enough!

Luckily, mum was able to lend me some money until a settlement came through for my old car and I was able to find a little Corsa relatively quickly with low mileage and for a reasonable price! It has only a litre engine meaning it has no real guts and takes an age to get to speed, but will be cheap to tax and is slightly more economical than my K.A was especially in these times when petrol prices are going up and up!

Anyway, that's about all for now.....nothing else immediately springs to mind that I wish to share so until next time....

Sayonarra folks!

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