Friday, 4 February 2011

One sorry and a surprising sex-pest shocker!

First of all, an apology. In talking both to my wife and other people at The Hotel, it now turns out Bea is not the same age or older but younger than me! Ooops!

Mrs.Sparky was at great pains to inform me that the woman in question is about a year younger than her making her around thirty or thirty-one not thirty-seven plus......errrm, whoops!

My excuse is that she is South African so exposure to the elements has perhaps made her look a little older than her years but still feel I should aplogise anyway for any offence I might have caused! 

And I probably deserved the response from my wife I got when I happened to blurt out that "She must have had a hard life then!" Sometimes my brain should really engage before my mouth decides to operate! 

Anyway, it's all good and I would just like to say I am heartfeltedly sorry but basically that's just me and if you don't like what I have to say then you know where the door is!

Meanwhile, in other news, I have been greeted by the shock revelation that someone who worked at The Hotel until last year in a management/ supervisory role has been revealed on a Predators Exposed Blog as a sex pest who has been having explicit chats and camming with underage girls on teen web-chat sites!

There are full text transcripts and creepy Web-Cam pictures here of exactly what he has been getting up to!

How creepy is that? The guy left The Hotel allegedly because of stress and that he no longer wanted to work there with no goals or aims or even another job to go to! It was alleged he had few friends outside of work and was a bit of an Odd-Bod but still, no one expected this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone else who works at The Hotel was directed to the site and fowarded it to all to the Duty Managers by Facebook P.M. By now, word has spead round most of The Hotel as Gossip often does and everyone is now aware of it!

Talk about freaky! It just goes to show you never really know someone but I doubt anyone ever expected this! Many of the text transcripts are very recent too!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This about sums up my reaction! 

Found out about this last Sunday at work but when got home, the Blog had been shut down to all but invited readers ~ no doubt because someone was alerted by all the traffic they were getting as word spread around the staff but now the Blog is up and public again! Paul has been allegedly informed and, strangely, has disappeared off the face of Facebook as we know it! At least under his real name!!!!!!!!

Have decided to follow the Blog and keep tabs on any new developments! But is sooooo freaky to think that only a few months ago I ws working with him and that he was working alongside all the 16 and 17 year old penquins!

Just goes to never know who you think you know and you should ALWAYS be careful whom you talk to online!!!!

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