Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A little update......

First of all, for some of you on Facebook this will be the last time you read this. Facebook has changed it's Privacy settings with it's new layout meaning that many of my recent posts can be read by anyone who is on my friends list on FB. Seeing as how some of my posts refer to ppl I work with and some of them are amongst my FB friends, this is not always a good idea! With that in mind, I have decided to stop exporting my Blog to Facebook automatically and instead do it manually. That way I can edit the Privacy so that everyone except for the people I choose to exclude can see it and I know when it is going to appear rather than me writing a post and it doesn't appear on Facebook for several days! That's another thing that irritates me!!! So, if you can still read any of my future Blog posts on Facebook then it either means they are not about you, I like you or I just couldn't give a shit if I cause offence! Lol!

The latest word is that Paul Cook, the guy I told you about who had been chatting to underage girls, has allegedly been arrested! This is the latest rumour to go about but cannot confirm how true it is. Still, we can but hope that another sexual predator has been removed, however temporary, from our Society and perhaps now, Teen Chat-rooms might be a little safer. A couple of ppl have tried to defend his actions saying he is just a bit wierd, has never had a boy/girlfriend and cannot communicate with ppl which is why he then goes off to chat to young girls but let's not make excuses! I would not like someone like him chatting to my Emilie when she is older and, in my opinion, he deserves everything and more that gets thrown his way! Bloomin' sicko!

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Saucy said...

Hey Mark,

Just catching up on your blog. Can you please tell me how one gets their blog to show on their Facebook page? I have been trying to no avail.


H Xx