Monday, 22 October 2012

Another entry onto my 1001 List is this highly amusing erotic parody based on the classic book by Lewis's my review....
Right about now, there is an absolute deluge of 50 Shades parodies doing the rounds on Amazon ~ all trying to cash-in on the best-selling series for women that has recently gained both publicity and notoriety and has even had its own genre created for it having been largely described as"Mummy Porn!"

50 Shades Of Alice is just one of these many parodies and attempts to combine the erotica of 50 Shades with Lewis Carroll's most famous and iconic novel with hilarious (yet smutty) results....

Alice has never experienced orgasm. Ever. Her boyfriend Lewis is awful in bed and continually fails to even come close to satisfying her and he knows it. And so he buys her a Rabbit vibrator and gives it to her (easy now) over a quiet picnic lunch.

After another brief and unsatisfying liaison, Lewis pulls his usual trick and falls asleep. Alice, initially appalled at her new gift, now curiously pulls it out to take a look. At which point, it switches itself on and falls down a hole in the ground. Distraught, Alice follows after it and soon finds herself in a strange and peculiar world that is as obsessed with sex as it is with teaching Alice everything it knows....and I DO mean everything!

The first in a new trilogy, 50 Shades Of Alice is an erotic masterpiece! As well as being very, very funny (and almost satirical in places) the book is also extremely sexually charged and certainly NOT for the faint-hearted or prude amongst you! Featuring scenes of a highly sexual and pornographic nature, Alice is all about one girls sexual awakening and is best described as downright blatant smut and filth with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure! Whilst not my usual choice of genre, it is very, very good and extremely well written and surprisingly much better than one might expect it to be.

Did it turn me on? I am not ashamed to admit that yes indeed, in places it did. But to reduce this simply to its lowest common denominator is to do this book a mis-justice and it is much more than just another example of what many people have come to class as the more acceptable face of pornography! This is also a very clever parody that works well as both a homage and simultaneously a mickey take of a modern classic that could never be accused of taking itself too seriously in the first place!

I would like to think that Lewis Carroll would be pleased by this and if a little bit of something naughty is what you after (and an antidote to the original 50 Shades) then this definitely for you!

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