Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My thoughts on Event Horizon: Z is for Zombie 2

"Event Horizon is the second book in the Z is for Zombie series and continues on from events in the first story. A group of survivors has left the derelict hospital basement where they have been living to try and find somewhere else safer and easier to defend for them and the rest of their increasingly growing numbers. But the world outside has changed and it is no longer just the Zeds that the group have to be worried about! As all of them begin having dreams about a one eyed man and a wolf, they realise that something bigger is afoot and that a climatic battle beteen good and evil is building on the horizon....

This is a great second entry with a much more epic and grandiose feel to it, akin in many ways to Stephen King's The Stand in the way that two sides are slowly starting to form. Here we get to see the origins of those two opposing forces as we discover how the division between them first came about and start to get a feel for the bigger picture that is starting to evolve.

These books are very character-driven, with much emphasis on how the survivors cope and adapt to the different situations they must face, but you get the sense that something much bigger and dramatic is just around the corner! I especially like the fact that no-one is safe and that almost anyone could succumb to tragedy at any moment. This gives an extra level of danger to the books as you are never quite sure what is coming....

Keep up the good work Miss Dahman. This ambitious series is slowly going from strength to strength...."

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