Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I'm just popping to the shops love.....

As you well know, I love sharing the work of fellow authors and one of the books I enjoyed this year that I felt worthy of including on my 1001 List was MEAT BY MICHAEL BRAY. If you want something a bit dark and different to read then this little novella might be right up your alley. Here's what I wrote on Amazon....

"Just read this in a single day and have to say this is one of

the best horror stories I have read in ages! It is absolutely grisly, gruesome and nasty ~ in other words, right up my street!

A group of shoppers find themselves trapped in a new supermarket with no hope of escape. On the shelves are disembodied feet (seasoned ready for cooking), pickled eyes and fresh tongue kebabs - all mixed in amongst the usual produce. At first some of them think it is all some kind of sick, practical joke but when some of them try to leave, they quickly learn there is only one way they are getting out of this store...and it's not through the front doors!

This is an awesome, awesome, awesome read and one hell of a ride! It is quite simply one of the best short horror novels that I have read in ages! It feels heavily influenced by Richard Laymon in places and is exceptionally nasty right through to the end. The climax alone will leave you gasping, let alone the rest of the novel! It really is a roller coaster ride from start to finish!

This is the first piece of fiction I have read by author, Michael Bray but you can be certain, it won't be the last! I was left speechless, reeling and almost sickened at times by the sheer horror and brutality depicted within but you know what? Horror simply doesn't get much better than this!

This is how much the book influenced me: mid-reading, I popped into my local Tesco Express to pick up a couple of things. Walking around the shelves, I found myself half-consciously looking around for disembodied limbs and decapitated heads - it wasn't till I got to the till that I realised what I had been doing! This is the sign of a good author, that he can so engross you in his writing that you find yourself actually living what you have been reading in your head! Few writers have this ability and so for M.Bray to achieve this shows just how good a writer he really is!"

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